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Travelvids.tv was started by Dean Paarman & Darren Barker in 2016 as a Youtube Vlog. It soon grew into a video teaching business that offers training, workshops, online-courses and coaching. 

I was looking to build a new online business around a creative subject. I knew this might be a bit of a challenge, but that's the best part. Building the business is the fun part. Once it is succesfull I can get a bit bored and want to try something new. While building a business in the online education space, I realised I wanted videos on the website.

I wanted to learn  to do the video creation myself, and so what better way than team up with a creative and start a video teaching business together.

Darren Barker

The Serial - Entrepreneur

I started so many small businesses in my 20s. Some of them had real potential, but I was a typical starving artist. I ploughed all my energy into the product's asthetics and design. I was creative obsessed and neglected the business aspects of the venture. They all failed. 

This time I teamed up with someone who knew the business ropes. Now I could focus what I was good at and learn more about business-building at the same time. Travelvids was about personal growth and making money

Dean Paarman

The Eternal Creative

What do Dean & Darren have in common?

Well, they are both easily descibed as travel and outdoor adventure-enthusiasts. They both love surfing and being in charge of their own time.

Best you watch the video alongside to get a better picture of who you dealing with.

Both of them like to help people, but in different kinds of ways.

Be yourself.

What is different about them?

Darren is a to-the-point, no bullshit, let's get the job done kind of guy. Dean on the other hand is the softer, nurturing, let's focus on the posstive vibes kind of guy. Darren has tons of experience in business, growth-develompent and marketing. Dean has tons of experience in video creation, presenting and tourism. 

Their practical skills overlap here and there, but for the most part they come from very different backgrounds. As a team they bring vastly different dynamics to the game. This has been their winning formula at Travelvids.tv. 

A dynamic duo in every sense of the meaning.

Their common mission:  To make video creation easy.

Capturing your experiences should not get in the way of experiencing your experience. Travelvids will show you how to balance your time between making extremely cool videos and living in the moment. This way you don't miss a thing and have still have a digital memory you can share with the world.

We offer offer Video Workshops, Courses & Coaching

For the everyday person we have an online course that teaches you how to create videos using only your smartphone.

For businesses we offer workshops and coaching. Teaching you how to create your own video content. The fast and easy way. 

Need onsite coaching? We will come to you and teach you and your team how to create videos your customers will want to watch.

More information: video@travelvids.tv

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