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SME Business Videos - Keep it Simple

The SME Sector in South Africa is constantly growing, but businesses are still stuck getting off the ground. Keeping your video simple has 3 major upsides. Let's look at how we can help you get the most out of your money when it comes to creating marketing content for your small or start up Business.

1. Talking Head Videos still work

They don't just work, they work well. When people are looking for information they are turning away from big blocks of text and leaning towards talking head videos. A Talking head is a locked off camera fixed on a person, or persons, talking about a subject. In a sense this is actually just vlogging.

They are still extremely effective if the content is accurate, informative and precise. Google is getting better at identifying speech and is able to listen to your content and place it in front of the correct audience.

2. Talking Heads are quick & easy

The great thing about talking heads is that they are easy to do. Set up a camera, mic up the speaker, get the lighting right and action. A simple studio setup, either at your office or ours and away we go. The editing is also simple as you cut out what you don't want, place an intro / outro and your video is ready for distribution within hours of filming it.

3. Get more video content than you bargained for...

Because it's so easy to do, we can film multiple videos in a single session. If you are ready and know your stuff we can get up to 10 videos in a single half day shoot, leaving us time to edit the same day. Get more than you bargained for with a single day of production and a web series that is functional & effective. 



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We've done a lot of these types of campaigns for corporate companies. They are fast, affordable and effective. Hit the ground running on a hot topic and get your videos out before the news.

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