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30 Tips on How to Win at Vlogging on YouTube

Vlogging on YouTube is gradually developing into an influential way of communicating on a global scale.

It now means more than just sharing your thoughts in a video diary.

It is a way to get your message out there, to rally up people behind a cause, to discuss any topic you want and even to earn a decent salary at the same time.

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Our Step by Step Process for Creating a YouTube Video

2019 Update – How to Plan & Create YouTube VideosPerhaps you are only just staring out… or you already have aYouTube channel but you are looking for ways and ideas to improve the quality, style & views on your video content. YouTube loves innovation and is constantly changing. Check out our list of things to […]

How to make a real estate video in 20 minutes

It’s 2019 and Estate Agents need videos more than ever as Social Media & Websites like Property 24 starting to demand video content. But there is one major problem that keeps the Real Estate Industry & the Video Industry from working together: BUDGET! Video Production is time consuming & expensive. Estate agents are on the go, hustling and cautious with their marketing budgets. So how do we solve this Problem?

How to make a Holiday Video: Opening Christmas Presents

The reaction on your child’s face when opening Christmas presents is one of those “once in a lifetime” moments you can never really capture on a photo. That’s why so many people take to video. Short Holiday videos are the best for those hard to capture moments that you cant go back and shoot again. The best camera for these types of videos is the one one you always have with you. Yes the one in your pocket or the one your reading this on now: Your Smartphone!

Cape Town Travel Videos

Please enjoy some of our most Memorable Travel Videos that we have created in Cape Town. This playlist below has a selection of just a few Cape Town Videos. If you would like to see more you can visit our SisterSite to enjoy hundreds of other videos of restaurants, accommodations, tours & activities available […]

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