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Safari Photography Tips with Klaus Tiedge

Klaus Tiedge & Dean Paarman from Travelvids spent just over a month in the bush in Kenya creating content for Klaus’s channel as well as a documentary film. Dean spent more than 3 months planning what shots he would need for a massive variety of Social Media Content.

AI Expo Africa 2019

The Ai Expo Africa 2019 was held in September at the Century City Convention Centre in Cape Town. Founding Director Nick Bradshaw asked to come in and man the Podcast Booth for the duration of the event.

30 Tips on How to Win at Vlogging on YouTube

Vlogging on YouTube is gradually developing into an influential way of communicating on a global scale.

It now means more than just sharing your thoughts in a video diary.

It is a way to get your message out there, to rally up people behind a cause, to discuss any topic you want and even to earn a decent salary at the same time.

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