Podcast Filming at Ai Expo Africa 2019

The Ai Expo Africa 2019 was held in September at the Century City Convention Centre in Cape Town. Founding Director Nick Bradshaw asked Travelvids.tv to come in and man the Podcast Booth for the duration of the event.  

The task was to film and conduct interviews with delegates, key speakers & exhibitors. 
Film them is a comfortable, well-lit & static environment and get the video edited and uploaded to Youtube as they happen. Editing included the adding of an intro and outro segment as well as add name tags.

Below is an example of the style of video we were assigned to create. Introducing Dr Simon See of Nvidia.

Darren handled the camera & sound, sometimes conducting the interview when Nick was not present, while Dean took charge of the real-time editing.

During the 2 day event we filmed, edited and uploaded 30 videos to the AI TV channel. The reason you want your videos uploaded in semi-real time is that they are most current during the event. By the time the AI Expo was over so was the hype. The best potential for engagement was right there and then.

When setting up a portable studio like this there are a couple of key factors to look out for. We want to point out some of the main components.

The Roaming Podcast Studio

Sound is No 1.

Studio-style podcasts are great because you get to see the people you hear. Celebs like Joe Rogan have taken this to a new level and popularised this genre of video. But sound is still highest priority.

We use a series of microphones and record into a Zoom H4n for best sound quality.

Also make sure that the ambient sound of the room is not going to interfere with the final audio mix. Hearing ambiance is fine provided it does not distract the viewer or the interviewees for that matter.

Hang Back

For the sake of your interviewees it's always best to hang back. Staying further away and filming with either a 50mm or even 200mm creates space for your subjects to act freely without the pressure of being on camera.

Similarly you can place the lights far back. 

What you want is for them to just feel they are having a regular conversation.

Keeping it Current

Editing on the scene is a great way to keep the event current on Social Platforms. Added to this always try and contribute to the event with direct Social Shares and links that people can watch it as it unfolds.

If you would like live streaming this is also an option.


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