Collaborations are a great way to grow an audience.

We recently held a workshop for Cape Town Tourism #lovecapetown on how to use your mobile smartphone to create travel and tourism videos people will actually want to watch. The workshop was loads of fun and we made new friends.

We also received the very very new LG V30 smartphone so we could make a video on how to use the LG V30 to create a simple Instagram video and a basic editing tutorial for the V30. PS The basic editing Course is FREE

A few weeks after the initial workshop we had a request from the marketing team at Cape Town tourism to join them for an early morning sun rise climb with an impromptu video workshop whilst on the go.

The day before the climb Dean and i met up with Danica from bigambitions  #bigconnect to discuss a few business ideas to collaborate around our video subscription option for travel businesses.
Whilst at Origin coffee shop we spotted a couple of suspicious looking people carrying cameras and working on their YouTube channel, so being the nosy type "Darren's the nosy type", we introduced ourselves and got chatting to Cameron and Norbert.
Cameron is a day trader and owns fous4trading and Norbert produces the YouTube and social media content for Cameron's company fous4trading.

We told the guys about the early morning hike idea and they jumped at the chance of joining us for a 4am hike up Lions Head #lionshead to catch the sunrise.
Needles the say the sunrise was epic, and the hike was great, it was a beautiful morning not hot or cold a nice breeze blowing but a perfect day for a hike we planned it just right.
It turned out to be a great unplanned colaboration and we made new friends and the videos we created for our respective channels are epic to say the least.

So what started out as a hike and an impromptus Instagram video creation workshop ended with us creating this cool Lions Head hiking video, we hope you enjoy it.

In conclusion
We are really happy the girls from Cape Town Tourism invited us along on the sunrise hike, they didnt really want to hike alone in the dark, not really that the dark was the issue more that safety and security is the issue, as it is everywhere in the world.
It was a bonus Meeting Cameron Fous as it is always nice to meet other people carving out their niche in the video creation business, Cameron is a day trader on the stock exchange and he sees the value in video, because you cant hide, its the real thing no bullshit.
Our plan was to create a short instagram video using the LG V30, we did get some great shots but it did turn into more of a sunrise hike video.
For us its always great to create with other people it keeps us motivated and focused on our business goals and we get out if the office.
So all in all a great day


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