Event Filming at Shnit International
Film Festival

The Shnit International Film Festival is hosted in a variety of countries across the globe including South Africa. Cape Town Shnit coordinator Alisdair McCulloch asked Dean of Travelvids.tv to capture the opening night as well as the following day's activities. 

We asked Al if it were ok if we act as hosts to introduce the festival. A night of jazzy music, drinks and of course great short films ensued at the infamous Cape Town Labia Cinema. 

Please enjoy the video below.

An important part of capturing a night like this is always going to be the people. More than just people interacting with each other, one wants to hear their opinions and comments. Dean made sure to get a couple of interviews to go along with the scenic display of old school cinema.

Very important note from the Cape Town Shnit Crew was that this video needed to be up and current. It was edited the same evening and published the very next morning to create FOMO for those that hadn't heard about the 2 remaining event days. Get it out while it's hot.

Event Filming Notes

People are No 1.

An Event is nothing without its visitors, spectators, participants and entertainment. An Event video is exactly the same.

Always make sure to include as many people from all aspects including passive, interview and interactive shots. 


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