Video Creation For Beginners

Learn The Fastest & Easiest ways to create simple but attention grabbing videos.

Hi, I'm Dean from Travelvids. Many of you will know me from our YouTube tutorials. I'm here to help you make videos in the fastest and easiest way humanly possible.

Together with my business partner Darren, we have hosted loads of video creation and content marketing workshops over the years. We have created 400+ videos for our YouTube channel as well as a host of clients. Let's just say we have learnt a thing or two about video creation, and now it's time to share that knowledge with you.

We’re all about equipping you with the tips, tools and processes you need to level up every area of your video creation & marketing.

We have unique teaching methods that give beginners to video-creation access to a new world of possibility.  

Marketing Content

Outsourcing Content Creation to professionals is very expensive. Instead learn to make your own content. Easily make videos that look good, tell a story and engage your audience to increase  brand awareness and ultimately sales.  

Travel & Memory Videos

Traveling, weddings and children's birthdays are just a few of many special events in our lives.  Never before has it been easier to capture  these events and share them with the world. Capture your memories like a pro.

Smartphone Video

Smartphones have revolutionised the accessibility to video creation. Everybody has a full production studio in their pocket.  Film it, edit it and share it all while you are on the go. Things just keep getting easier all the time. 


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