TVC For West Coast Office National

People don't just want to be informed, they also want to be entertained.

As one of our clients, West Coast Office National was happy with the online video content we had created for them so far. But, it was time to step it up and create something different. We called in our team and put our heads together and came up with a concept TVC series.

It's just one in a series of Ads

The idea was that we would take one selling point of the business and turn it into a video advert. The story must be entertaining and leave you feeling good.

West Coast Office National delivers goods for free anywhere on the West Coast. That looked like a good starting point.

The 3 main lines of products are stationery, printing and office furniture... below is the first advert in a series of ads that highlights the Free delivery of Stationery by West Coast Office National. Need a pen? They'll get it to you in a flash, if you're on the West Coast that is. 

Similar but different

To maximise the content potential we shot 3 variation of the same commercial. The intro remains the same but the end leads to a different product line. 

By doing this we were able to shoot all three ads in one day. Not only is this cost effective but allows people to share and say: have you seen how this one ends?

In this advert we focused on the printing services of West Coast office National.

End off with a laugh

The third and final instalment of the TVC series (TVC stands for tele-vision-commercial by the way) was meant to be the best of the lot. 

The first one sets the tone and delivers the primary message.

The second is a continuation and the start of a talking point.

The third should seal it off with a laugh. We very much enjoyed making this series and look forward to creating more like it in the future.


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