We believe that even you can create engaging content by

Developing video skills the easy way.

Getting rid of frustration comes first.

At Travelvids.tv, people that want to make a video go from being frustrated, unable and stuck
to finally getting their video done, in no time.

There are tons of 'how to videos' and tutorials out there that are rubbish. Most of them are either too vague or too specific.
We provide the easiest way possible to create videos, even if you have never made a video before.

Unique teaching

We have a uniquely styled way of teaching video skills that does not conform to video-school norms, at all. In fact we completely break the rules.

More Show, Less Tell

Unlike our competitors we are all about showing you how, not telling you why. No nonsense here. Follow our step by step video recipes, it's fun and easy.

Get there Faster

We teach you only what you need to know. Video creation is a skill, not your job. Forget film jargon and lessons.
Film fast. Edit faster.

Our Story

As a professional videographer I was so tired of people turning down my quotes, which were already below cost-price on my end, but still too expensive for most potential clients. And yet people kept coming and asking again and again, because...

everybody wants videoS

The marketing world has been forcing it down everyone's throat that we need more original video content. "The internet is going to be 99% video by the year so and so!!!" We have all heard that one.


But so few people can afford original video content and even fewer can do it themselves.

Contrary to the norms of supply and demand, I was struggling financially to make it as a videographer in Cape Town. I turned to tourism for a chance to earn a better income. As a tourist guide I did do better. BUT...

I was horrified to see how tourists spend their super precious travel time wasted living through their little phone screens.

All of them desperately trying to capture share-worthy memories and completely ignoring the incredible beauty all around them.

I couldn't take it. 

I thought there must be a way to solve these media-crises, that were popping up in all areas of life. There must be a way to make video affordable or easier to do. So I met up with a business minded entrepreneur named Darren Barker and together we worked on a solution.

Dean Paarman & Darren Barker


We formed Travelvids.tv and developed a product called Effortless Editing. We tested it in hands-on workshops and quickly saw it's success. Within one day of our "new approach to video creation" a complete beginner could make a video they were proud of. 

We want everyday-people to be able to make videos that they are proud of in the easiest way possible. All you need is a little guidance on what to film, how to film it and put it together to make a real story that connects with people.

It means the world to me to see people get the results they hoped for. I couldn't have found a better topic to teach.

Dean Paarman, co-founder & teacher

Our Goal for you

If you are a business:

We want you to be able to make your own marketing videos quickly and affordably.
Make videos that make sales.

If you are a person:

We want you to be able to share life moments with the people you love.

Make videos that hold memories. 

Our Core Values

Travelvids.tv is all about helping people do the following things when it comes to video creation:

  • Getting rid of creation-frustration
  • Develop video skills the easy way
  • Showing you how, rather than telling you why
  • Capturing real life, rather than fake nonsense
  • Gaining freedom from your smartphone & social media
  • Making something you are proud of
  • Less FOMO, more YOLO - Live in the moment.
  • Nurture a community to keep your progress going

Live in the moment


We cut to the chase of solving your problem in the easiest way possible. No hype talk. None of that “let's get excited” and then talk around the problem for days. Some of our competitors are crushing it out there with millions of views on their Youtube tutorials, but have you ever noticed how after watching their videos you are still left scratching your head?

Then you watch another one of their videos, because maybe you just missed the point.

Well you didn't. They are talking you up. Telling, rather than showing. We pride ourselves on showing you how, right up front. It’s about you successfully making a video you are proud of in record time, rather than the details of what this or that tip or trick can do for you.

Follow us step by step. Do as we do, that is our motto. 

We are relentlessly focused on the practical, on translating real life scenarios into something actionable.

Another differentiating factor is we are all about connecting with you. We want to see your results and continue helping you make your videos perfect. Joining our community is part of the deal when you buy one of our products. 

So many video gurus give you the film school approach and then leave you hanging. First of all, that is not helpful, and second, well it's not helpful. We are nothing like conventional video-schools, in fact some film school teachers would shoot us for teaching you the way we do. Some opposition teachers have already tried to call us out on teaching "false terminology" or the  “Wrong Way”.

We love this.

As far as we are concerned if our methods give better results, then who cares what the shots or techniques are called. 

We call it “The Easy Way”. Learn with language and examples that make sense. Learn only what you need to know to make amazing content. If you want to make a movie or a super bowl commercial, go to film school. We teach you to make engaging video content.

We teach content creation - Not Video Production

We believe that content creation and video production are not the same thing. Great films and commercials require loads of time, budget and skills to pull off. These are what you call video production. Video Production is a career path, or rather a series of specialised skills. 

Content creation on the other hand is just something you do.

For the everyday person it’s a hobby. 

Content creation is a personal project like putting together a photo album, baking or tinkering on an old-timey car in the garage. It’s a fun pastime that yields results that last forever. Doing it leaves you feeling good about yourself and it leaves a good impression on others too.

Who doesn't want to be able to say "Hey, look what I created."

For the business person it’s a skill. 

Video making does not require an entire department. It can be just another repertoire that adds value to the business. It’s like being able to use spreadsheets, time management or communication. The better you are at these skills the more likely it is for the business to succeed.

Content creation is a skill. It’s not a job.

Save Hours: Effortless Video Editing

Do you want to learn more about video editing?
We demystify all the jargon and technical stuff, so you can just get on with editing a video with your smartphone.
No more searching YouTube & Google for a solution, it all here in one place.
We have taught 100's of people how to edit videos on a smartphone, so let us help you.
Download the FREE Video Checklist & Guide.

Content creation is easier than you think.

Not just because we say so, but because the world we live in is geared up for it. Let us explain.

Plastic is no longer fantastic

We are not referring to the environmental plastic crisis of the oceans, although we do support the ban of single use plastics. No, we are referring to the idea that television is not about fake anymore. People want Real.

Real stories by real people. 

Noticed how even TV sitcoms don't use canned laughter anymore? Cause it's fake.

Fake is gross. Our BS-radars are on full alert for fake news, fake stories, fake feelings. Just over 10 years ago we still accepted that a video showing a family with bright shiny teeth was an acceptable way to sell us toothpaste. But it's fake.

Very few of us actually have an entire family of white shining pearly teeth. Nowadays, people are more likely to believe a homemade testimonial video, filmed on a smartphone, telling you how this toothpaste saved them from tons of dentist bills.

It’s a real person telling a real story. This stuff works. This is why Amazon works. They don't advertise. They focus on people's reviews. People's real life stories. In the travel industry, Trip-Advisor is still more likely to convert a purchase decision than a beautiful, but phoney advert video of paradise. This is why travel videos are so popular. They make up 1/3 or Youtube's content.

Real videos by real people are better.
This is what people want. 

Even big Brands like Dove have understood and embraced this concept within the video-production and advertising world. This video below uses exactly what we are saying to run one of their most successful campaigns ever. 

70+ million views.   

Because the trend is leaning towards real, we are more open and welcoming to videos that are made by real people. Most viral videos that reach into the hundreds of millions of views are filmed by everyday people with a smartphone. 

Why do we do what we do?

We see an ill in the world that we want to help make better. Too many people are caught unaware of themselves living through their smartphones. Smartphones are an integral part of modern life and to live without one almost feels regressive and backwards. We should be able to embrace technology for our benefit, not to our demise. So what do we do?

Simple. We find the balance. Take the best of it, and leave the rest of it. 

We are all well aware that our smartphones have the latest camera technology in them. It’s one of the most important features people inspect when making a purchasing decision. It would be stupid not to use this fantastic tool. So we do. And you should too.

But with smartphones a problem came in: Social Media. 

The likes of Facebook, Instagram and Youtube came into our lives like a storm. With Social Media came a new word: FOMO (fear of missing out). Fomo-Media as we are going to call it now, has given us major social-anxiety when it comes to using our phones to the best of their ability.

The anxiety of never being good enough. Everyone else's pictures and videos always look better. You can always do better, so you never end up posting anything. As a result we spend more and more time trying to perfect the image or worse, get stuck trying to figure out the right app to edit it into something watchable. 


One of our founders and teachers, Dean Paarman, used to work as a Tourist Guide in Cape Town. Cape Town, being a top travel destination is no stranger to large numbers of tourists flocking to see its natural beauty. What he saw were thousands of people spending 90% of their time at a new location searching for the best shot. They desperately wanted to share their experience by capturing something to share with their friends and family.

Their actual experience of visiting these amazing places was always disrupted by the Fomo-Media experience. This was not their intention. They paid good money to be here and experience this. They just got caught up in what they thought needed to happen to prove that they were there. 

In the end only 1 out 10 of his guests ever sent or uploaded their content. It was never good enough. Yikes.

What they were doing wrong is not knowing what shots they needed to get. So they shoot everything and hope for the best. Digital cameras have destroyed our appreciation for the skill of seeing something truly beautiful. Most people are wasting their time, their effort, their phone's memory and battery trying to make something great and then still end up disappointed with the result.

It doesn't have to be this way.

Armed with only a basic skill to quickly identify the 4 to 5 shots you need, and then knowing how to stitch them together will change your life. The process of creating a unique piece of content should only take you a few minutes at the most. Then you can pack your phone away and just live in the present moment. That is where the real memory is made. Stop capturing fake memories.

This is why we do what we do. There is so much amazing stuff to discover out there. We support YOLO, not FOMO.

Live in the moment!

We will not rest until people understand that you do not need to live through your phone to capture an experience or to tell a story. It is so easy to fix this. If people just stopped to learn a few basic ideas about content creation they would free up so much of their time, effort and money trying to make a video. 

If everyone was invested in developing this skill (that can be acquired in a single day with us), the world would suffer less Fomo, less anxiety and learn to enjoy only the benefits that Social Media has to offer.