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Travelvids is in Kenya | Behind the Scenes of a Documentary

On the 3rd of March 2018 Dean Paarman, from the team, departed for Kenya. He is spending 4 weeks based in the Masai Mara to make a documentary style film about the life & work of german born Photographer Klaus Tiedge. Klaus has lived in Cape Town for over 16 years having made a […]

Cinematic Video for Beginners – 4 Basic Tips

The term CINEMATIC is getting thrown around on the internet like rag doll lately. Everyone wants to create cinematic videos nowadays, but are not sure exactly what that even means. On youtube many creators are using slow motion & colour grading to “fake” the cinematic video feel. It’s a very good start, but here are some more things you will want to consider to really pull this off like a pro.

How to film the perfect Culture Trip Video with your Smartphone

So what exactly is a Culture trip? If you ask us, it is just a new fancy way of saying Travel Video. When we go on vacation we are by default experiencing other cultures. A culture trip video will be more focused on actually capturing your engagement with these foreign cultures. Let’s get into what to look out for when filming the perfect culture trip video.

How to capture food videos with your smartphone

Today we are talking about how to capture better food videos with your smartphone. The hardest part of making a Foodie Video is actually deciding what type of video you are wanting to make in the first place. To make this easy for you we will be looking at The Story, The Technical….

How to give your videos Structure | Smartphone Video Tips

Like any good book, movie or campfire story, your videos need structure. This structure should be easy to follow and repeatable so that your life as a video creator becomes easier. By video structure i’m simply referring to a basic Beginning, Middle and End setup. The great bonus is that with this structure you develop a style of video that is completely unique to you. Let’s get into how to give your videos more structure.

How to film an epic Sunrise with your Smartphone

A sunrise is often associated with beauty, serenity and of course the word time lapse. All of these are great subjects for making a video. We are going to break down all the details on what you need to make a sunrise video with your smartphone. The StoryWhen people make a video they focus too […]

Become an expert of storytelling

TELL YOUR STORY!!! It’s all over the internet right now. Experts are all telling us that we need to do it, but not exactly what it means or how. I want to share our experience of a recent outing in Cape Town that brought a couple of things on the subject of storytelling to light. […]

Fastest Way To Make Awesome Instagram Videos

We headed to the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town as it is the biggest tourist attraction in Africa, yes Africa, not just South Africa.  The Waterfront isn’t just a shopping mall, it is a real tourist attraction as there are an array of different things to do and experience for the whole family.You can imagine […]

Lions Head Sunrise Hike Colab with #lovecapetown and Cameron Fous

Collaborations are a great way to grow an audience.We recently held a workshop for Cape Town Tourism #lovecapetown on how to use your mobile smartphone to create travel and tourism videos people will actually want to watch. The workshop was loads of fun and we made new friends. We also received the very very new LG […]

Drone footage for STOKED SURF SCHOOL at Muizenberg Beach

Drone Video of the surf school in Cape Town Michelle from Stoked surf school in Cape Town need some drone footage for the promo video they are creating for their surf school, we where only too happy to help out, As we dont need any excuses to go to Muizenberg beach.We Spent a morning with […]

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