Destination Marketing Videos

Putting a destination on the world map is not an easy task these days. With attention spans dwindling and the constant desire for mind blowing footage, the general public has a huge appetite when it comes to destination travel marketing.

It takes engagement

Engagement with people is more important than cinematography. Pretty pictures need to be a part of the package for sure, but at the end of the day people buy from people and thats why when we put a destination travel video together we make sure to include a variety of faces and personalities. 

So many people

The Long Street Video has been quite successful in the last year accumulating over 140k views. Why? Because we feature close to 60 people within the span of a 5 minute video. Even if only each person featured watches it & shares it you are going to attract a good amount of attention.

Another Destination video
that's been popular on Youtube


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