Even Super Moms need a little help sometimes.

This is how Super Moms make the best kids birthday parties ever.

We know you have it all under control. Keeping the house in order, helping with homework, shopping, carpooling and cooking (amongst a ton of other tasks), is a far harder job than most people give it credit for. Your ability to multitask and manage projects would leave most corporate middle managers eating dust. 

Any woman that can keep a household running and still shows good mother qualities is a super mom!  

One quality that sets super moms apart from the rest is their ability to also be a fun parent. The age old cliche that dad gets to be the fun parent while mom plans everything like a frenzied wedding planner is sadly true for many households. 

Sometimes a special occasion like a birthday can be the proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s back. Planning an epic kids birthday party is a lot of work. For you to plan the party and enjoy it at the same time can be very difficult. 

And it’s not fair.

All the hours of calls to source or bake a cake, hire the jumping castle, arrange the decor, send out invitations can leave you exhausted. And I’m almost forgetting to mention who is the one at the party running around armed with a cloth and a mop making sure it’s all going smoothly? 


It’s not surprising that making a video or slideshow of the event of the year can sometimes come as an after-thought.

“Did anyone take any photos?”

Making a birthday slideshow after the fact rarely works out because you just didn’t get the right video or photo moments to tell the story. This is sad because although your child might not be able to see the effort you made now (because well the children) they will come to learn the value of your amazing effort to give them the best, every step of the way.

A short engaging birthday video has the power to show your future selves what it was like back  then. Seeing their little faces blow out candles, sing happy birthday and play without a worry in the world is worth its weight in gold.  

This is where we can help. 

Our downloadable party video checklist will tell you exactly when and where to take out your smartphone, what to film and when to take a photo, so that you can focus on watching the smile on your little one’s face. This is the time to be enjoying yourself and not worrying about how to capture the event as well. 

With our memory checklist nothing will be forgotten. You can give the list to family and friends and get them to capture some of the moments for you. Once they have it, just tick it off the list. 

Easy as 1 2 3.

You too can now make memories sharable. Imagine sending a little video slideshow of the day to family members that couldn't make it. Sharing it with all the children’s parents. Now that’s what I call efficiency & fun all in one.

Super mom does it again!

 Download your Free Birthday Party checklist and get tutorial it.

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