Best Free Music for Your Vlog

Vlogging on YouTube is a fun way of getting your content out there and attracting followers. However, it can rapidly turn into a costly affair when you try to have a soundtrack for your video. YouTube has strict copyright policies, and if you break them, you could receive a ban on your channel. Fortunately, there are ways to get the best free music for your vlog and still abide by the YouTube rules.

Today, we take a closer look at the best sources of music and soundtracks that you can use for free to create memorable vlogs.

Music is a huge part of making a video stand out.

1. YouTube Audio Library

The first website offering free music is right in YouTube's backyard. You do not even have to exit the platform to find great-sounding tracks and melodies you can use in your vlog.

The YouTube Audio Library has a broad collection of royalty-free tunes. You do not have to pay a single cent for them, and you can use them as many times as you want and according to the YouTube policies.

You can pick the best vlog soundtrack music from a generous offer of free songs from every known music genre.

2. SoundCloud

Another audio distribution platform that offers free music for videos is SoundCloud. Here, you will find millions of creators from all over the world showcasing their musical creations.

Most of the tunes on SoundCloud are free of charge with the Creative Commons license. The only caveat is that you have to give credit to the artist whose music you use in your vlog. We would say that mentioning the creator’s profile is a small price to pay, and both of you benefit greatly from it.

3. Free Music Archive

One of the oldest sources of royalty-free audio files on the internet is the Free Music Archive. This huge directory of costless melodies and tunes provides a wide range of music from various genres that you can easily include in your blog.

While using audio from the Free Music Archive is easy and free of charge, navigating the website is a completely different matter. You will quickly notice that finding the perfect tune for your vlog’s soundtrack may take a while because the filtering options are not as helpful as they are on other platforms in this list.

4. Spotify

If you have been vlogging for a while, you might have noticed that many vloggers use Spotify to add audio tracks to their videos. This popular music streaming platform has a fantastic collection of tunes ranging from classic to heavy metal and from pop to hip-hop and electronic.

You can easily find the best free music for your vlog on Spotify. Similar to SoundCloud, you will have to mention the artist in your vlog to use their audio creations. 

5. IncompeTech

Last but not least, we cannot complete our list of the best music for a vlog that you can get for free without mentioning IncompeTech. This platform is an artist-run website where musicians from everywhere in the world post their creations.

You can download and use any track on IncompeTech as long as you provide attribution rights to the original artist.


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