How to Shoot iPhone

Video for Beginners

If you are an aspiring filmmaker with a limited budget for equipment, you should try to make magic happen with whatever you have around you. For small, ambitious projects, even a smartphone will do. And, if you want your project to turn out stunning, you should look no further than an iPhone.

Apple’s popular smartphone is jam-packed with many advanced features that help your short film look professional. We put together a short guide for beginners that will help you shoot iPhone video of outstanding quality.

The Basics of iPhone Video

If you are just starting as a vlogger, you are most likely under the impression that you need some expensive camera to create viral content. That is as far as the truth as possible. With a powerful iPhone camera, like that on the iPhone Pro 11, you can film and edit high-quality footage. 

While we’re at it, just because it is embedded in a smartphone, it doesn’t mean that the camera of an iPhone is cheap or poor-quality. On the contrary, its performance is very close to that of a professional camera or a DSLR.

iPhone Video Tips for Beginners

Here are a few tips on how to start capturing video with an iPhone if you are a beginner filmmaker

1. First things first, clean the lens!

Small particles of dust are every camera operator’s worst enemies. If you fail to remove them from the lens, they will damage the quality of the film and make it look grainy.

2. Learn to use the AE/AF lock, which stands for Auto Exposure/Auto Focus.

Most iPhone smartphones tend to choose exposure and focus automatically. Unfortunately, what the device chooses will not always be what you want for a particular scene. If you know how to use this lock, you will gain complete control over the focus and exposure in your short film.

3. Invest in filming equipment

The iPhone helps you capture good-quality footage. However, you can support it to deliver even better quality video by investing in affordable filming equipment.

Some of the most important filming accessories for iPhone video for beginners include:

  • A stabiliser to prevent recording shaky footage
  • A microphone to record crystal-clear sound
  • An audio mixer to edit the sound you record
  • Additional lenses for smartphones to create a cinematic effect for your video

The great part about these pieces of equipment is that they are reasonably priced. Even for a small investment, you get a noticeable improvement in your video captures.

5. Use an intuitive editing app for iPhone video

Most beginner filmmakers manage to record high-quality video from the start. However, shooting it is one thing, and editing the material into a cohesive story is another thing.

If you don’t want to pay someone else to do the editing for you, learning how to use a video editing app for iPhone will save you time and money. There are many intuitive apps that you can use for free to enhance the quality of the video you shoot with an iPhone. 


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