PowerDirector iPhone Editing App
How It Works and How to Use It

One of the best movie makers for PC is now available on iOS devices as well. The PowerDirector iPhone editing app is jam-packed with features and pro-options to help you transform a boring clip into a remarkable video.

If you are looking for a video editor with a multi-timeline interface and 4k quality, PowerDirector might just be the iPhone app for you. But, there is more to it than it meets the eye. Discover all its amazing features in this PowerDirector review!

What is PowerDirector?

PowerDirector is one of the most popular video editors in the world. Millions of people use it on various devices from PCs to Mac computers and handheld devices. The latest PowerDirector iPhone editing app allows you to cut, edit and rotate your videos to transform ordinary footage into unforgettable films.

With PowerDirector, you can develop Full HD video productions by adding special effects, transitions, and background music to your clips. It works on both iPhones and iPads, and it is free to download. 

PowerDirector Editing Features

Few other video editing apps for smartphones offer the multitude of features that PowerDirector does, and which include:

  • Trim, splice, and rotate videos with simple motions
  • Adjust brightness, colour, and saturation
  • Insert special effects and transitions with easy drag-and-drop movements
  • Combine pictures and video in one clip using the multi-timeline feature
  • Add text or animated titles to clips
  • Record a voice-over and insert it into the video
  • Create video and picture collages
  • Use numerous free templates, effects, filters, background music, and sounds
  • Use fast-forward and slow-motion effects
  • Use the video stabilizer to avoid shaky film

The only downside to PowerDirector is that if you only use the free version, your videos will bear a watermark with the app’s logo.

How to Use PowerDirector

Knowing how to use the PowerDirector iPhone editing app is half of the creating process of a spectacular film. The other half depends on your talent, skills, and creativity. Here is a short presentation of how to use all the amazing features of PowerDirector:


On this part of the app, you can import a wide variety of editing tools and special effects without losing track of them or overcrowding the editing area.

Stock Library

The PowerDirector iPhone app has a broad collection of stock footage, images, and backgrounds you can insert into your video. In exchange, you have to agree to pay a small subscription fee every month.

4K Videos

PowerDirector supports the creation of high-quality video in 4k resolution. This way, you can produce crystal-clear clips that you can immediately update to social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Easy Use

On PowerDirector, you can make significant changes to your video with a touch of a button. This way, you can quickly and effectively change filters, make corrections, add text, animations, and control the colour saturation. Additionally, you can use fast-forward and slow-motion effects to dramatically change the rhythm of your video.

Try the PowerDirector iPhone editing app today to boost the quality of your smartphone videos!

We have Free Editing Tutorial on PowerDirector

Follow our step by step editing tutorials on how to use PowerDirector. 

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