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Vlogging on YouTube

Master the art of storytelling for Your Vlog.

Vlogging on YouTube is gradually developing into an influential way of communicating on a global scale.

It now means more than just sharing your thoughts in a video diary.

It is a way to get your message out there, to rally up people behind a cause, to discuss any topic you want and even to earn a decent salary at the same time.

The possibilities of media and financial success are countless.

YouTube Vlogging Tips for Beginners

Set up your goals

vlog ideas

Before you start your vlogging career, you should decide why you are doing it in the first place.

Do you want to share one of your passionate hobbies and vlog ideas with the world? 

Do you want to make some money from it? Or, do you just want to be popular?

The reason behind your intention to become a vlogger will determine your strategy, and subsequently, your success.

Pick a VLOG category

vlog category

Now that you have decided why you want to become a vlogger,

it is easier to pick a category for your videos.

If you are in it for the money, you must see what the most trending topics on YouTube are, and find the one that you would be comfortable to approach regularly.

If you want to post vlogs about your passion for motorbikes, then this step is pretty easy to take, and picking a niche is right up your alley.

Choose your tone

vlog youtube

One of the most important tips on developing a career as a vlogger on YouTube is choosing your tone from the start.

Whether you do game walk throughs, travel vlogging or discussing political matters, the way you present them is essential for gaining an audience.

Decide early on whether you want to sound funny, serious or sarcastic in your videos.

Discover your competition

vlogging competition

After finding your niche and your voice, it is time to discover your competition.

Look through the vlogs on YouTube that are part of your chosen category.

Identify those who have large audiences and consider them your main competitors.

Study their videos and see what you can take from them and adapt to your clips.

Research your audience

vlog audience

When you visit your competition’s channels, take some time to read the comments under the videos they post.

This strategy will help you understand more about your potential audience.

It will reveal to you what YouTube users want to see, and you can tweak your content according to their preferences.

Create a content calendar

vlog content

OK, now you know why you want to vlog, what you want to talk about, your voice, your competition and even what people expect from your videos.

It is time to set up a content calendar that will help you start a successful career on YouTube.

Start by deciding the topics that you want to address.

Write scripts for at least your initial three videos, and set deadlines for their publishing dates.

This strategy will give you a direction and help you hit the ground running with some high-quality content.

How to start a Vlog on YouTube

Vlog camera and equipment

vlogging camera

The key to being a successful vlogger on YouTube is having high-quality equipment.

It does not matter if you are discussing the hottest trends out there or even if you make a good point if you record it with a potato camera from 1995.

Your best choice is to invest in serious technical equipment. A reliable vlogging camera has optimal specs in terms of lens resolution, light capture, sound recording, and storage space.

If you cannot afford a good vlogging DSLR camera yet, you can use your smartphone for your initial videos, as long as it has a high-quality camera. Smartphone vlogging is quite popular among entry-level users.

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Try out your content
vlogging on youtube

Once you have the script for your first vlog ready it is time to test it out.

You can record it in front of a live audience made by your friends and dear ones so that you get genuine reactions to your work.

Do not share these test vlogs on your channel just yet.

Instead, you can send them to people in your Facebook friend list and ask them for sincere feedback that you can later use to improve your technique.

Be yourself

A good way of testing your material is saying it out loud in front of the mirror.

This strategy will help you disperse some of the goosebumps you might get when recording your first clips.

Also, you should always be yourself while recording your material.

YouTube users can easily tell a poser from a genuine vlogger, and they will never like or subscribe to your videos

Be honest, and never hide your emotions!

Become comfortable with the camera
vlog camera

Before you start recording material for your vlog, start recording yourself doing random things throughout the day.

It could be anything from taking out the trash to watching TV while commenting on what you experience. 

This tip will help you become comfortable with the camera and act naturally in front of it.

Choose a favorable setting

So, you got the script for your first vlog ready and memorised. Your camera is set, and you are getting comfortable for recording. What’s missing?

vlog tips youtube

Take a look around! Is the setting of your recording appealing to YouTube viewers? Is it relevant to your content?

If not, you better change it before you press the REC button. Make sure that the room where you film it has plenty of natural light.

Also, if you don’t want to discuss serious topics in a room filled with stuffed animals and pink paper wall, maybe you want to change the background with a simple, monotone panel or even buy a green screen.

Vlogging Tips that will make you popular on YouTube

Catch the viewer’s attention 
vlogging tips

The initial 10 seconds of your vlog are crucial.

YouTube enjoys an audience of more than 1 billion users per month, and over 400 hours of content get uploaded to its channels every minute.

You will need to be highly interesting from the very start to get ahead of that massive competition. 

YouTube Vlogging is 80% post-production

vlog editing

Not many vloggers talk about this, but most of the work on a high-quality vlog goes in post-production.

Writing the content and recording it is fairly easy.

However, editing the shots, adding titles, captions and special effects takes up most of your time.

You will need to invest precious hours in learning editing how to edit a video before you can aspire to win at vlogging on YouTube.

Engage your viewers

vlogging audience

After posting your first clip, you need to keep an eye on the viewer comments that you receive.

You can actually ask them to comment and make suggestions under your videos to discover more about what they want to see.

Their feedback is essential for mapping out your next videos.

Dismiss trolls and bad mouths

The internet is filled with trolls who will undoubtedly make their way to your videos and your YouTube channel.

Do not let their comments put you down or divert your trajectory.

Avoid entering in comment battles with bad mouths either.

They are part of your audience as well, so there is something to learn from their feedback, too.

Learn to use social media platforms

Vlogging on YouTube only does not cut it anymore. Take advantage of the current exposure that social media has to offer and use it to gain a larger audience. Share your YouTube vlogs on other networks like Facebook, Twitter, and IGTV to attract more people to your channel.

vlog social media

Guide to Vlogging on YouTube

Vlog in public areas

vlogging in public

After posting a few vlogs on your YouTube channel and building up a decent audience, it is time to get out of your comfort zone, which right now is most probably your room.

Go outside, and vlog in public areas!

Start by recording in less crowded zones first to gradually lose any stage track you might still have.

Bring friends with you and use their feedback to improve your technique. Mastering outdoor recording is essential especially if you want to make a career in travel vlogging.

Collaborate with other Vloggers

vlog squad

Contact popular vloggers in your area, and ask them to take part in a collaborative vlog.

They don’t necessarily have to be from your niche. Get yourself a Vlog Squad.

Making a vlog squad can help you both gain more popularity by attracting fans from the other one’s audience.

Never stop learning

learn vlogging

Making video blogs is an ever-evolving means of communication.

If you want to become and remain a popular creator, you will need to keep up with all the changes that take place in this business.

Follow relevant trends, adopt new techniques and generally embrace every potentially positive opportunity that comes your way.

Be patient

vlog tips

Last, but not least, winning at vlogging on YouTube takes patience and perseverance.

You have to be optimistic about your success, but also keep a realistic perspective on your progress.

It is unlikely that you will attract 1 million subscribers overnight, and it will take years of hard work and several fails before you reach palpable success.

But, if you remain true to yourself, in the end, it will be worth it.

Thanks for reading and remember to leave any questions you have in the comment section below.

If you would like to know more about YouTube for beginners follow our series on YouTube or check back in with our blog every week for new content.

Happy YouTubing. "YT to you".


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