Travel Video Creation Course - Grow Your Business Online With Video.

Travel Videos the Pain Free Way

Effortless Editing Course

 Learn How to Make Travel Videos
using only your Smartphone

Making Travel Videos is Easier Than You Think!

  • No more struggling with Editing
  • Tips & Tricks that will save hours
  • Step by Step Video Tutorials, on Location
  • Get going with the right app from the start
  • Choose the right equipment
  • Know exactly what to film

This course is for people who want to fast track the learning process.

Goal of the course

is to prove that you can make engaging travel videos too.

We realised that most teaching methods are way too technical for beginners.

People spend 1000s of dollars on equipment they don't need.

We teach you bite size lessons how to film so that editing becomes easy.

Wouldn't it be great if your memories were captured as neat edited videos?

Family holidays captured forever!

They say a picture speaks a 1000 words, then a video speaks a million. How great would it be, to look back on those memories years later?

We see lots of students who watch 100s of YouTube videos to get inspiration, thinking it will teach them how to create travel videos, but it doesn't.

What you need you need a mentor that will save you from making  common mistakes in the video creation process.

We will teach you how to edit your video whilst on the move. No need to get back to your computer and start scratching through hours of video footage.

You can edit whilst you are in coffee shop or in restaurant in your own home or hotel room. You can even edit on a park bench.

We are not promising that you become a Steven Spielberg, but honestly you don't want to be that anyway. What we are promising you is all the basic filming skills you will need to capture your experiences, memories and make awesome Travel Videos to share with your friends & family.

The bulk of the course we will teach you the skills to film on your smartphone so that editing becomes easy. All the skills you learn are 100% transferable to other devices. Once you have completed the course, it  wont matter if you are filming on a DSLR or smartphone .

We have had many of our videos go viral. Tens of thousands of people have watched our content on Facebook and YouTube and this has given us insight into what works and what doesn't work. This is what we will be sharing with you.

99% of people do it the hard way. They go out and buy an expensive camera and just start shooting, then get back home and don’t know what to do next.

A waste of time & money.

You quickly get disheartened by the time consuming editing process.

We have been teaching Travelvids Effortless Editing for 4 years,  with 100s of students who just cant believe how easy video creation can be, if you are taught the correct method.

If you start of the right way, you will save yourself hours and hours of stress and wasted money.

You don't need to go through the school fees to create your first video, as we teach you through an example based video course the easy way to make your very own Travel Videos. 

The skills you’re going to gain include:

If I had to summarise the essence of this course in 4 words they would be: Live in the moment!

This course is for anyone who wants to learn how to create awesome vacation, experience & memory videos using only their mobile smart phone.

This simple and easy-to-follow course will take you step by step through the process of filming and editing using just a smart phone. Every module is shot on-site with demonstrations to give you practical examples of what type of shots to get and when to use them in your short vacation video.

At the end of the course you will be able to make engaging videos your friends, family & even strangers will enjoy watching. 

Ideal for those that want to expand their video presence on Instagram!

Capture your memories professionally, quickly & easily, leaving time for you to live in the moment.

What you’ll learn

  • You will be capable of creating short vacation videos that look like a pro made them.
  • You'll create professional videos with the equipment you already own.
  • At the end of the course you will be comfortable making your own videos from shooting to editing and posting online.
  • Downloadable guides to take with you on your Travels.
  • Make beautiful high quality engaging videos other people will want to watch.
  • In this course, You will learn basic video editing techniques using the simple to use editing apps.

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • iPhone or an Android smart phone.
  • Install iMovie, Splice or Power Director (Editing Software available in Appstore or Google Play Store)

Who this course is for:

  • Travellers. Vacation & holiday makers. Digital Nomads, and Tourism Professionals.
  • Anyone going on vacation who would like to capture their memories and learn how to shoot & edit.
  • People who want to capture experiences in short 1 min videos (ideal for Instagram).

The skills you are going to learn

  • The exact workflow we use 100% of the time to edit videos.
  • The best way to fix up an old edit your unhappy with.
  • How to add life to boring videos.
  • Why editors miss the critical task of doing a pre-sort and edit.
  • The fasted way to edit social videos.
  • Teach you how to be ruthless with the clips, leaving lots of filming on the editing room floor.
  • How to use the lazy man tricks with pre created intros and outro's.
  • Where and how to crop and zoom into videos.
  • How to edit clips like a surgeon.
  • The do's and don'ts of transitions and effects.
  • When and where to use zooms, fades and blurs.
    • Faster Video Editing
      Don't fumble around in the dark anymore. Follow the exact workflow we use to make our edits as fast as possible.
      There are 7 basic steps to completing your edit.
      1. Import clips
      2. Import music
      3. Trim & reorder clips
      4. Edit special effects
      5. Titles & Transitions
      6. Master Audio
      7. Save, Export & Share
    • Create video Slideshows
      Learn how to build a basic story with images and add effects to your picture slideshows. Master the Ken Burns effect and never create a boring slideshow video again.
    • Edit to Music
      Editing to the rhythm of music makes your videos way more exciting to watch.
      This is part of the trimming process, the part that is most important when editing.
      This is what holds the engagement of the viewer.
      Learn how to fly through the edit in record time trimming the clips to the right length.
    • Fix Sound Issues
      Audio is such an important and often overlooked aspect of making a video. Choosing the right music & knowing where to get it from are just the starting point.
      You will learn how to adjust, trim, fade and audio to master the levels to give the final video a smooth flow.
    • Video fade in & Fade out
      Fading video clips and music has got a subtle but powerful effect on the feel of a video. Professional videos don’t just cut out, they fade in and out at key points in the story. Learn to use the transitions tools like a pro.
    • Which app to use
      Choosing an Editing App is a big barrier to entry when it comes to starting your edit. Let us help you with our tutorials covering a variety of Apps.
      Understand which one is best for you and the type of videos you want to make.
    • Trimming clips like a pro
      Learn how to use a ‘surgeon’s scalpel’ to remove tiny unwanted parts of your video clips. There are other tools that might be just out of your sight when you open an app for the first time. Often the Split tool is overlooked, but will become your best friend in speeding up editing time.
    • Video shape and cropping
      You need a basic knowledge of the correct video formats (like portrait, square or landscape). These come into play with the different sharing platforms.
      There are ways to crop your video afterwards or setup a project in the right forest from the word go. You will learn to adjust for different outcomes. 
    • Video Types
      We are building on the recipes all the time. Marketing, Birthday, Holiday, Real Estate, Vlogging, Interviews, Events, Travel, Cooking, Business, Marketing, Product Sales, Wedding, Special Occasions, Lead generation, Online course creation and many more...
    • Film better footage
      This is still about the editing process. If you can “film to edit” you will solve all your editing woes.
      Learn to use a combination of Basic Shots - Micro Stories - Angles - Creative Shots and a whole bunch more to shorten the length of the editing process but also improve the look, feel & variety of your footage.
    • Basic Composition techniques
      Tips like Rule of Thirds - Breathing Room - Pan & Tilt, are also usually kept reserved for filming courses, but they play apart in the editing too.
      Learn about how these should be used when.
    • Stabilisation
      While we are on the topic of filming techniques we will throw in some extra lessons about one of our specialties: Camera Yoga.
      This is a tongue in cheek way of saying use your body and breath to improve your shot stability.
      No need to buy expensive stabilisation gear, and no need to use editing tricks like image stabilisation (which can only take you so far).
    • Basic Lighting for your videos
      Learn how to use natural Light & LEDs while filming. But you can also brighten up clips in the editing app if need be.
      This is not ideal, but you should know how to do it to save a clip that you can't throw out.
    • Increase your video engagement
      Learning the techniques like TTC (Talk to Camera), the informal Interview, the reaction shot & many other engagement tips, to up your videos likeliness of connecting with the viewers.
      The human element is part of what makes a video relatable.
      Imagine a movie without actors? It would be just empty emotionless scenes with props. We dont turn you into an actor, but show you the ropes of what you need to introduce emotion into the videos.
    • How and where to save a video
      Know the best format and settings to save and share your video. Exporting your video is simple, but if it's going to be on Facebook, Whatsapp, YouTube, Instagram, do you know what you're doing? We will show you.

    What our students are saying.

    Coleen van Staden

    Cape Town Tourism

    2 years ago

    I did the Travelvids Video intro course and really enjoyed the experience. 
    Not having an I-phone worried me a bit and being of an older generation also concerned me but the two presenters did not presume any prior knowledge so started from scratch and gave us some really great tips - how to set up shot lists, how to shoot to limit editing and some good "go-to" sites to assist with editing and music. 
    I can highly recommend this course for a great intro to creating fun and informative travel videos with your phone.

    Truly exemplary course. Really appreciated the focus on creating travel videos. It's helpful to have a specific application or real-world example. I found I could easily carry over the lessons from a travel focus and see how I could apply them in other story types. The highlight lesson was the one which included templates, consisting of shots and scenes, for 3 different kind of travel situations. The other highlight was Dean's demonstration of editing a video in 10 minutes. Finally, he encouraged us to finish our video/s before the end of the day, otherwise we might never get around to it. So true!

    Esther Beaton

    Travel Student

    a year ago

    Jacqui Goodwin

    MD Activ Africa

    4 years ago

    I signed up for the Travelvids workshop on impulse and attended without really knowing what to expect.
    It was one of those experiences that completely under-promises and over-delivers. I was particularly impressed at how tight you kept the presentation, rarely wandering off the thread and always on point. Everything you covered was useful and relevant. The use of videos to illustrate each step was genius and helped to drive each point home. I left feeling that I had learned a lot of really useful skills that I could use immediately.

    One of the best internet courses I have seen...It is amazingly succinct and yet incredibly is unbelievably well designed and the first 5 minutes of the course I had learned exactly what I was looking to learn in order to put together amazing travel videos...! The way the course is constructed is incredibly smart

    Javier Valencia


    1 year ago

    Kirstein Combrink - Hambela

    Travel Company

    4 years ago

    If you want to know the basics, this is exactly the course.
    Types of shots to be included, what is required to make the video engaging and a few more other basics.
    Also includes a simple template to start your own video. So if you want to make a video and don't know where to start, i would definitely recommend this course.

    This was EXCELLENT!!!
    You were on point, concise and followed a good order. One thing that I GREATLY appreciated were your notes that you supplied. That alone put you above other tutorials. You are an excellent instructor. I know as I have done a great deal during my career. I now follow you on YouTube and enjoy it greatly. Keep up the excellent work!

    Robert Battaglia


    5 months ago

    Christina Granados


    12 months ago

    This course is AWESOME.
    If you're looking for a content-rich video making course suitable for someone with zero experience - look no further. Honestly, this course is a masterclass in clear, concise, and engaging teaching. So well done! Thank you for this perfect introduction to making travel videos.

    At first i was reluctant to get this course because i am experienced with editing and filming, and i wasn't sure if i'd get any more insight to improve my mobile filming objectives. After committing to it i can happily say I will be buying anything & everything Darren & Dean from puts out on Udemy. This course dramatically helped with personal videos i shoot & share with friends on Facebook. The essential tips were direct and to-the-point and lessons are presented in short & sweet segments. I am preparing for a trip and have returned to his course for inspiration and a quick refresher. Love all your examples and applaud this program. I have purchased a ton of courses over the last few years and this one is top-notch!!!



    A year ago

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    if you don’t feel like this was the best investment you’ve made into turning your video creation into a high-converting machine, simply email Dean at and we’ll gladly refund your entire investment… no questions asked!*  

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    Apply now and get a one-on-one session with Dean , your instructor. No better way to  fast track exactly what you want to achieve.

    Matt Lerman


    3 years ago

    teachers are great happy focused yet not forceful.
    much better that I thought.

    I very much appreciate and pleasantly surprised . I'm you guys are disclosing phenomenal beginner intermediate tips !! from what I already saw in short few mins of coarse I learned I'm actually on the right track and feeling more and more confident i will be able to actually tell my story with my personal imprint . cant wait to see what else you guys have in-store for us I, if its this good already!!!! muy bien , gracias mis amigos

    Thank you for making content that is easy to understand, entertaining, and very helpful. I look forward to using everything I learned.

    Ryan A Cooper


    3 years ago