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Travelvids Gives You EVERYTHING
You Need To Get started

Making Your Own Travel Videos is Easier Than You Think!

What if we told you that you that you 

could be creating  your own Travel Videos in less than 2 hours?

  • No more struggling with editing
  • Tips & tricks that will save days, not hours.
  • Step by Step Video Tutorials on location
  • camera
    Get going with the right app from the start
  • camera
    Choose the right equipment.
  • camera
    Dont have time to edit
  • camera
    Don't know what to film
  • camera
    Settings on the camera are way too technical.

This course is for people who want to fast track the learning process.

Travelvids approach to teaching video creation is simple we break each module down into a step by step video guide, giving you real live examples videos of how we get the shots.
We leave nothing to chance and presume nothing.

STOP messing me around and take me to the Course.

Video creation Course $39

Goals of the  Course.

Is to prove to you its possible to make videos using any camera in less than 2 hours.

Filming Pack Pack

What to pack when you are filming

We realized that most teaching methods are way too technical for beginners.
You can spend $1000 of dollars on equipment you dont need to get started.
We teach you in bite size pieces how to film.
How to create & edit
How to make a video your friends & family will want to watch.

Wouldn't it be great if your memories were captured in video.
They say a picture speaks a 1000 words then a video speaks a million
How would it be to look back on those memories.

We will teach you how to edit your video whilst on the move, no need to get back to your computer and start scratching through hours of video footage.
You can edit whilst you are in coffee shop or in restaurant in your own home or hotel room, hey you can even edit on a park bench

We are not promising you a Steven Spielberg movie but honestly you don't want to start there, you need to start with the basics of filming skills.

​We have learnt a lot during the teaching process and we can tell you what works and what doesnt work, saving you hours of frustration and aggravation creating too much video that no one wants to watch.

In the 1 2 4 method you will learn how to create compelling video that other people will want to watch. Even if its only to show the family on the TV at home or on your PC.

The first part of the course we will teach you all the skills you need to know on your smartphone, the reason for this is that all the skills your learn on your phone are 100% transferable, it really wont matter if you are filming on a DSLR or smartphone once you have completed the course.

Everything you will learn in this course, will give you the skills to be uploading videos to youtube, facebook or sharing with your family on a blog or in an email.

We have numerous of our videos go viral, tens of thousands of people have watched our content on Facebook and YouTube and this has given us insight into what works on social media and what doesn't work and this we will be sharing with you.

99% of people do it the hard way they go out and buy an expensive camera and just start shooting, then get back home and don’t know what to do next.
The problem with this method
Is that you waste loads of time & money.
You quickly get disheartened by the time consuming process.

We see lots of students who watch 100s of YouTube videos to get inspiration but thinking it will teach them how to create videos, it doesn't.
What you need you need a mentor that will save you from making those common mistakes made by everyone starting out in the video creation process.


We have been teaching travelvids easy video creation method for 3 years and we have 100s of students who just cant believe how video creation can be if you are taught the correct method.
If you start of the right way, you will save yourself hours and hours of stress and wasted money.


We will teach you the tricks that will give you confidence to go out and start shooting video and creating videos with hours, not weeks or months.
Ultimately if you want to be the best and enjoy making video you must learn the basic fundamentals

You don't need to go through the school fees to create your first video, as we teach you through an example based video course the easy way to make your very own Travel Videos.

Who are TravelsVids

Travelvids is foremost a video creation team, who started out documenting the different all the different things to do, adventures, experiences and memorable occasions  that happen in your life. That soon led to lots of people asking how they could create similar type videos for themselves, from that Travelvids was born out of a need to teach you how to make videos quickly.

Meet Your Teacher?

Dean has worked in film industry for 12 years
Studied Drama at Cape Town UCT
Worked in the Cape Town Film Industry
Tour guide
Started out as a Wedding Videographer
Videos for Travel & Tourism & Hospitality cos.

My name is Dean Paarman. I am the co. creator of Making Travel Video's the Easy Way and will be your personal teacher through the program. You will have access to my personal email address for any unique questions you have along the way.
Having worked with Cape Town Tourism and numerous travel companies, I’ve had the opportunity to  see what stops people making great videos. I know what it takes to create high quality video for a wide variety of clients, and I can’t wait to share my knowledge with you.

Want a Sneak Preview

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What you will learn in this course

People are often intimidated by the idea of creating a vacation, holiday or Travel video...
and maybe you feel the same way? 
Isn't it too complicated, too technical, too time consuming? 
After you've been through our course, you will be able to enjoy making Travel videos with ease. 

  • Live In The Moment
    The style we teach, makes sure you dont spend the whole time behind the lense.
  • The Best Video Tools
    Learn how to create 100% professional looking vacation videos, using free tools.
  • The Forgotten Key of 1, 2, 4       Learn about the one aspect of video that is extremely important, but simple and easy to do.
  • The Recipe 
    Copy our exact recipe for creating awesome vacation videos of your holiday.
  • Why We are Different
    This is possibly the easiest courses you will ever take.
  • Equipment - Basic Gear
    you will learn to create great vacation videos using only your iPhone & What you should pack.
  • 12 Modules
    12 easy to follow modules.
  • Time
    Everything you need to know to create a great looking video in a 90 minute course.
  • Short Clips
    Rhythm Cutting  & Finding the Moment
  • Shots
    Basic Shots - Micro Stories - Angles - Creative Shots.
  • Composition
    Rule of Thirds - Breathing Room - Pan & Tilt
  • Stabilisation
    Camera Yoga & Gimbals
  • Lighting on a Budget
    Using Natural Light & LEDs
  • Sound
    Microphones, techniques wind noise and background sounds.
  • People
    Talk to Camera informal Interviews.
  • Shoot Prep and Storytelling.
    Story to shot-list.
  • 1 - 7 of Editing
    Stick to the plan & organise, using the Free App Splice

What our students are saying.

Christina Granados

Jenna Morris

Matt Lerman                                           

Annette Vivian

Daniel  Clifton

Ryan A Cooper 

Kirstein Combrink - Hambela

Jacqui Goodwin - MD Activ Africa

Ashlin Washington

Lasse Badsberg-Hansen

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