eBook PDF – How to Create Videos using your Mobile Phone. Android & iPhone - TRAVELVIDS

Discover the Fastest & Easiest Way to Shoot, Create & Edit Travel, Vacation & Holiday Videos 

Basic Video Advice

Here are our top 20 tips on what to look out for when using your mobile smartphone to shoot & edit video.

Before you head out and start shooting video take a little time to prepare the following:

Tip One - Which App should you use on your smartphone

Tip Two - Extra Battery Power

Tip Three - Basic Accessories

Before you Film

These next few tips are things to consider before you hit record:

Tip Four - Shot List

Tip Five - Airplane Mode

When you Film

Ok, so now you on location and you ready to start filming.
Did you know the following things?

Tip Six - Shoot Horizontal 

Tip Seven - Short Clips

Tip Eight - Composition

Tip Nine - Variety of Shots

Tip Ten - Stability

Tip Eleven - Timelapse & Slow Motion

Tip Twelve - Talk to your Audience.

Video Tip Thirteen - Lighting

Tip Fourteen - The Shot List

After your done Filming 

Time to take what you’ve filmed and edit it into a watchable video.

Video Tip Fifteen - Organizing the Film Clips

Video Tip Sixteen - Editing One Part at a Time.

Video Tip Seventeen - Import the Album

Video Tip Eighteen - You cant Break a Video

Tip Nineteen - Video Transitions

Video Tip Twenty - Audio in the Edit.

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