Learn how to teach from home with these easy tips

Let's first look at why we are doing this.

  • Nobody in the world knows how long the Lock-down world will last. Flattening the curve may keep us at home for the foreseeable future. We need solutions to carry on our lives.
  • Work-load dumping is unproductive. Kids at school are caving in under the pressure of learning how to teach themselves with a ton of work to complete. Parents are affected as they need to step in over and above trying to keep the household going.
  • Schools, universities & work must go on. New systems and ways of working remotely need to be implemented.
  • This was coming anyway. Online learning was going to be a part of our future anyway. Now is the time to take  notes and get ready to take action. That is why i'm doing my part and sharing my knowledge with you.

What can you do?

Avoid work overloading for the sake of the student & the teacher.

Prepare lessons ahead of time. 

Use a system in which you create 2 lessons and deliver one. The other lesson can be stockpiled and over time you will slowly build ahead freeing up time for other activities.

Start with Instructions only. 

First just make a video to instruct people what to do. A video-audio instruction is better than a text instruction. Only start creating your actual lessons once you have bought yourself time. 

Adopt a task driven approach. 

Lessons are no longer about what you can fit into half an hour. (or however long your classes or lectures are) Online it's all about creating bite sized lessons of single ideas.

Humans work better with social interactions. 

We are social creatures and rely on other people to guide us. You need to make use of online tools that provide live or interactive teaching methods.

Video is the solution

Video learning is a comprehensive solution. Solve these 4 immediate problems with video:

Send Instructions with talking-head videos 

A talking head video is pretty much what i did in my Webinar above. Simply set up a tripod (or balance your phone on a chair) and film yourself talking. Keep your instruction videos short!

Screen recordings to help visualisation 

Sometimes talking is not enough. It helps to see what you are doing. You can use a screen recorder app to record your screen and share it with your students.

Our suggestion, use Quicktime (works on PC too): 


Skype or Zoom for Live interaction 

For either 1 on 1 teaching or even a small class room you can set up a conference call and interact visually in real time. Remember to record the session so anyone who missed it or couldn't be there can watch it later.

YouTube to share the information  

Youtube is a fantastic free tool to share your videos with other people. You do not have to go public with it. Set your videos to unlisted and share them with your students directly.

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