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Editing App wars:
Splice vs PowerDirector?
It doesn't matter.

The video above is an extract from our Mobile Phone Vacation Video Course. It takes you through the process of editing a video from start to finish using a free App called SPLICE. Splice is only available on iPhone, but is rumoured to be available on Android as well later this year. The new version will merge with another cool editing app made by GoPro called QUICK. More about this in another article. Today i want to tackle a different problem entirely. I want to debunk the theory that one App is way better than another. This is a core message that lies close to the heart of Travelvids teachings. We believe that the best camera, is the one you have with you. And the best editing app is the one you like working with the most. Here is the crux of it: Editing is editing.

Because editing is an unfamiliar task to so many people, there is this idea that editing is like an open source of art. Kind of like having a brush, paint and canvas on one side and charcoal and paper on the other. Different worlds. Well editing is more like driving a car. Driving is driving. Accelerate, steer, brake, repeat. Naturally some people like to get different things from their driving, but regardless of style, milage per gallon, muscle power, comfort or whatever the process of driving from point A to point B is the same.  Editing also has a simple repeat process. Once you have mastered this 7 step process you can jump into any app and give it a test drive. You will now be able to decide which one you prefer. The layout and flow may be different, just like a Toyota is not a Ford, but it used the same process to get from start to finish. Here is a video of the same edit using PowerDirector on a Samsung S8 to show you exactly what we mean. 

Same edit. Same process. Different App.

It is a common misconception that editing is the hard part when it comes to making videos. This is not the case if you know how to film correctly. We have built a compact 90min online course that teaches you how to plan and film in such a way that editing a short video only takes a few minutes, like in the examples above. Click on the big red button below if you want to read more about this course.