iPhone editing in less than an hour we teach you video the Pain Free Way.

Save Hours of Frustration and let us teach you how to use Splice Video Editor.

What is the difference between the Splice Course and the Free Youtube Tutorials?

In the course your questions will be answered by us with a video solution to your exact problem.
Short Answer: Personal attention. 

The Complete Splice Tutorial and Course

Learn everything about Splice and WOW your friends and family with your movie editing talents and with your cool movies!

What you'll learn

  • Amaze your friends, family, and co-workers with your movie editing abilities and your amazing movies
  • Master all Splice editor features and capabilities
  • Perform tricks Splice wasn't even supposed to allow you to

Join the more than 1000 students from all over the world who enrolled in this course.

Do you want to create a short cool video of your family vacation?
Do you want to create an amazing trailer of a fun day with friends?
Do you need to create a short movie for work to promote a product or explain some concepts?
This course will give you all the tools to accomplish this in the Splice APP

There is no similar Splice Video Editing course available anywhere.  Everything you need is here.

We used Splice to create this Splice tutorial.
Even though we use the more professional movie editor Final Cut Pro X in our daily work, we used Splice for 95% of our mobile editing in this course to prove that everything we did is actually possible to achieve with this simple but powerful application.

If you have a iPhone, you most certainly have Splice editor or can download it, for free to try.  
Maybe you've even used Splice before.
But do you know everything there is to know about Splice, or have you been getting stuck and frustrated.

Splice was especially designed to be a very easy to use movie editor.  And it is.  
But it still packs a ton of features.  
Most people aren't aware of the breath of functionality that is hidden inside Splice.

In this Splice tutorial I will cover everything you need to know in order to master this application completely.  
Even if you've already used Splice before, after taking this course you'll be able to accomplish things you didn't even know were possible with such a "simple" app.  
And you will certainly wow friends and family or your co-workers with your works of art.

This course is meant for all levels, from beginners to advanced users.
For beginners: because I explain everything in video.  
You need no prior knowledge before taking this course.  
And after finishing this course you will know everything about Splice and you'll be able to produce amazing movies and trailers, with movie clips, photos, transitions, titles, backgrounds and even slideshows, with video and music..

The lectures are clearly organized in logical sections and you can decide to only take those lectures that you want to take. 

What this course is not:

  • I will not teach you how to shoot your footage.  That is part of a different course called effortless editing, but this course only focuses on video editing in Splice Video Editor.
  • I will not give you ideas on what movies you should make.  
    The creative process should come from you.  I will show you all the tools and techniques you could use in Splice and chances are these will spark ideas in your mind for you to pursue in your movie creation.
  • This course only covers Splice for the iOS iPhone.

I'm sure you will enjoy this class and I can't wait to see the amazing movies you will make!

Who this course is for:

  • Everyone! Beginners will learn all the basics of Splice.
  • Experienced users will learn pro features and tips to perform the impossible in Splice.
  • Anyone who wants to edit movies easily and make the most out of Splice App.

Join Hundreds of Students Already Creating Videos.

We have taught hundreds of people how to edit videos, lets us help you.
It’s everything you need to quickly master Video Editing on Your iPhone using this Splice Tutorial.

The course takes you step by step through the video editing process on an iphone using the splice video editor app.

No more frustration.

Let me ask you something…

If there was a simple way to edit a video on your iPhone so quickly that your friends begged you to do it for them, would you be interested?

What if you knew there is a way you could edit a video in a few minutes (not hours) … would you find the task less daunting?

You can edit a video on your iPhone, 10x better and faster than you can imagine, by just following a simple process.

What's in the Splice Video Editing Course

  • How to bring video clips into Splice
  • Import video & photos into Splice editor
  • Introducing a NEW FEATURE in Splice: Highlights!
  • Get to know the Splice App Layout
  • Rearrange clips on your timeline
  • Splice trim video
  • How to Trim a video in Splice
  • How to Cut a video in Splice
  • How to Split a video in Splice
  • Splice app fade to black
  • Splice fade in
  • How to fade out in Splice
  • Splice app transitions
  • Splice App filters
  • How to add text to Splice video
  • How to add Titles in Splice App
  • Adding subtitles to Splice video
  • How to edit music on Splice app
  • How to import music to Splice video
  • How to trim music in Splice
  • How to fade music in Splice
  • Separating sound from a video clip
  • How to save video In Splice
  • Video exporting options - which is best
  • Where does Splice export to on iPhone
  • How to crop a video on Splice
  • Splice how to shorten the video
  • How to add an intro to your videos

Some of the Skills you are going to learn...

One of the best parts is that every step of the way is a visual.

Even if you struggled in school… or aren’t the greatest at grasping new skills… you’re going to be shocked by how easy it feels to absorb this information.

  • An introduction to Splice. Learn how to import your clips, set up a new project and take a tour of the key features and functions.
  • The Split & Trim process. Cleaning up your video is the first and most important part of the video editing process.In this video learn how to work through your edit from start to finish, making the most out of the cutting tools Splice has available.
  • Text & titles give a video structure. Make sure to use these tools to make your video that much more professional looking.Titles help people understand what they are about to see.
  • Audio will make or break your video. Whether it is editing or importing music or the sounds of your clips, finding the right balance will make the difference between a great and a bad video. Splice has all the tools you need to edit the video professionally.
  • Fading video softens the edges of a video. Many people ask us how to do this. Although it may seem straight forward in some apps its not so in Splice at first glance. We will show you an easy workaround that only takes a few seconds.
  • Step by step walkthrough. Let Dean show you how to apply everything in this course in a realtime demo. You will see that editing a video can be done in  under 10 minutes. You can do it too!!!
We know that new courses can be daunting, which is why:
  • The core lessons of the course are collectively under 60 minutes long.
    You can get up to speed with with your editing in an afternoon.
  • There’s a comments section in each lesson if you have any questions, we answer each question personally.

Perhaps the best thing about learning how to get started with editing your videos like a pro is that you get to go back and add new life to hundreds of old videos, Finally, giving them the justice they deserve.

Type of Videos You Can Create Using Splice Editor App

  • Wedding Videos
  • Online Course Creation
  • Interviews Videos
  • Pod Cast Videos
  • Brand Marketing Videos
  • YouTube Vlogs
  • Product Awareness Videos
  • Hospitality Videos
  • Holiday Videos
  • Birthday Videos
  • Special Occasions Videos
  • Amazon Review Videos
  • Event Videos
  • Cooking Videos
  • YouTube Videos
  • Instagram Videos
  • Facebook Videos
  • Hit & Yoga Videos
  • Interview Videos
  • Sales Lead Videos
  • How to Videos

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