Learn iPhone editing in less than an hour.

Save Hours of Frustration and let us teach you how to use Splice Video Editor.

Get all our YouTube Video Tutorials lined up and organised in one place.
We can't always answer all your questions in the Youtube comments section,
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Do you want to create a video with your iPhone? 

Do you want to share your travels with friends & family?

Do you want to create a punchy "trailer-video" of your experiences?

Do you want to promote a product?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then these Splice tutorials are just for you.

  • Amaze your friends, family, and co-workers with your movie editing skills.
  • Master the Splice editor features and capabilities.
  • Perform tricks the Splice developers didn't even consider.

Splice was especially designed to be a very easy to use.  Let us unpack the basic functionality that is offered by Splice.

There are no other Splice Video Editing tutorials available like this.  Everything you need is here.

Who are these tutorials for?

  • Beginners to video creation. Learn all the basics of Splice.
  • Anyone who wants to edit movies easily on an iPhone.
  • People want to make the most out of Splice App.
  • You need no prior knowledge before taking this course. I explain everything in video format.  

And after finishing this course you'll be able to produce amazing videos from clips and photos on your iPhone with transitions, titles, backgrounds and music.

The tutorials are organised in logical sequence, but you can decide to only watch the tutorials you need. 

What this short course is not:

  • We will not teach you how to shoot your footage.  That is part of a different course called effortless editing
    We focus on video editing in Splice Video Editor only.
  • I will not give you ideas on what content you should make.  
    The creative process should come from you.  I will show you all the tools and techniques you could use in Splice to make whatever you want.
  • This course only covers Splice for the iOS iPhone. (The Android version is still different at the moment.)

I'm sure you will enjoy this class and we can't wait to see the amazing movies you will make!

Skills you are going to learn...

One of the best parts is that every step of the way is a visual.

  • An introduction to Splice. Learn how to import your clips, set up a new project and take a tour of the key features and functions.
  • The Split & Trim process. Cleaning up your video is the first and most important part of the video editing process.In this video learn how to work through your edit from start to finish, making the most out of the cutting tools Splice has available.
  • Text & titles give a video structure. Make sure to use these tools to make your video that much more professional looking.Titles help people understand what they are about to see.
  • Audio will make or break your video. Whether it is editing or importing music or the sounds of your clips, finding the right balance will make the difference between a great and a bad video. Splice has all the tools you need to edit the video professionally.
  • Fading video softens the edges of a video. Many people ask us how to do this. Although it may seem straight forward in some apps its not so in Splice at first glance. We will show you an easy workaround that only takes a few seconds.
  • Step by step walkthrough. Let Dean show you how to apply everything in this course in a realtime demo. You will see that editing a video can be done in  under 10 minutes. You can do it too!!!

Customer Testimonials:

We have helped thousands of people how to edit videos, let us help you too.

What's in the Splice Video Editing Tutorials

  • How to bring video clips into Splice
  • Import video & photos into Splice editor
  • Introducing a NEW FEATURE in Splice: Highlights!
  • Get to know the Splice App Layout
  • Rearrange clips on your timeline
  • Splice trim video
  • How to Trim a video in Splice
  • How to Cut a video in Splice
  • How to Split a video in Splice
  • Splice app fade to black
  • Splice fade in
  • How to fade out in Splice
  • Splice app transitions
  • Splice App filters
  • How to add text to Splice video
  • How to add Titles in Splice App
  • Adding subtitles to Splice video
  • How to edit music on Splice app
  • How to import music to Splice video
  • How to trim music in Splice
  • How to fade music in Splice
  • Separating sound from a video clip
  • How to save video In Splice
  • Video exporting options - which is best
  • Where does Splice export to on iPhone
  • How to crop a video on Splice
  • Splice how to shorten the video
  • How to add an intro to your videos

It’s everything you need to master Video Editing on Your iPhone.