Video Editing Apps for iPhone

When it comes to making videos on an iPhone the editing app can make or break you.

Let’s first look at the best iPhone video editor apps for iOS.

Bear in mind these iPhone editing apps have paid and free versions so it is important to test more than one app before you decide to part with your hard earned cash.

But before you go read this first......

We could spend 20 minutes trying to give you an overview of the best video editing app for the iPhone.

Seriously we think thats pointless.

We have decided the best video editing app for your iPhone is splice app.

Why, because we have spend 1000 of hours editing videos and teaching others how to edit videos.

Splice is far the best app for create short engaging videos, we get paid to make videos and highly recommend you use splice.

One simple reason, 
Splice is easy for you to learn than iMovie on an iPhone.

You are not looking for the best iPhone app your actually looking for a free app for editing videos that is easy to use.

And in our opinion the best video editing app for the iPhone is the one in your pocket and that's the splice app.

Here is a Full Video Editing Tutorials

Smartphone Video Editing made easy.

Splice makes it really easy to create videos on your iPhone® or iPad®.  
It has all the tools of a Desktop app like trim, crop, effects, titles, speed controls, animation, transitions, music and more, and that's why we consider it the best.

One of the best Video Editing Apps for iOS devices.

In this article we will look at the functions of the Splice Editing App with the use on an iPhone SE.

Splice is compatible with all the latest iOS devices. 

However we chose to use an older iPhone model to include a wider range of people.

If one can edit video on an SE, you can edit on any iPhone!

Our intention is to help anyone achieve their goal of creating a video using a mobile phone regardless of their current technology or skills.

The iPhone device really doesn't matter (big screen is nice) so don't worry about the technology.

This article will help beginners & intermediate smartphone video enthusiasts. 

Overview of Splice

Splice was the flagship mobile editing app created by GoPro a few years ago.

Since then GoPro has invested more time into their QUICK Video App which creates & edits automated videos through templates.

Although this makes life really really easy, it also has many downsides.

The main one being that the videos start to all look the same.

There is absolutely no control to make your video look the way you want it to.

Actually there is a way, but in Quick it gets so complicated you better off using a traditional editing app.

Speaking of which let's take a closer look at Splice app.

Splice - Video Editor & Maker was acquired by Bending spoons Apps IVS.

Besides changing the colours of the logo away from GoPro's Traditional Blue, they haven't changed much else.

Splice is still Splice app.

A simple to use editing app for iPhone and iPad.

It has all the features of a desktop editing platform tucked away for those that want to create a professional looking video using just a mobile smartphone.

Key Features in Splice

We will cover all the features of this mobile editing app in video tutorials using an iPhone.

  • Import media from anywhere
  • Basic Timeline Editing
  • Trim & Crop Tools
  • Music Editing, Sound FX & Voice Over Tools
  • Built in Transitions & Colour Filters
  • Add Text & Subtitles
  • Speed up Footage
  • Instant Share to Social Media

Download Splice for free.

How to use SPLICE Video Editing App on an iPhone

The smartphone editing process on Splice

Smartphone video editing is not the easiest place to start to learn editing if you have not had help from someone who knows what they are doing.

Editing is often regarded as the hardest part of creating a video, but honestly if you follow our easy instructions you will be able to put an edit together on your iPhone in literally minutes.

The trick is to break up the editing process into basic steps.

This video below will take you through the full Smartphone Editing Process from beginning to end.

Don't worry about trying to understand it right away - just watch and absorb.

We will look at the key steps in detail later again.

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Splice Video Editing App - Step by Step with an iPhone

Let's now look at some of the most important parts of editing video on an iPhone. We are going to skip the shot list creation and filming techniques and get straight to the editing steps.

Step 1 - Set up your Project

When setting up your new project make sure you have your clips organised in an album.

You only want to import the stuff you really need.

Make sure to name the project from the the get go and to select if you want the video transitions switched on or off.

I prefer none.

Step 2 - Reorder the Clips in Timeline

Once the clips are all in your timeline its best you try and order them into some kind of logical sequence.

Try and always tell a story with your clips or vary them between shot types to keep the video interesting.

You simply tap and hold on a clip for a moment until they all shrink and then you drag and drop the clip into its new position.

Step 3 - How to add Text and Subtitles in Splice

Splice Video Editing App - Add Subtitles with an iPhone

Adding text on a Mobile Editing App can be more tricky than on a Desktop.

But if you want to add a couple of titles in here and there that is easy.

The video below has all the details of how to add Text to a video in Splice on an iPhone.

Step 4 - Trim Clips (Cut Clips)

Trimming clips in Splice is the most time consuming. 

This is why you always want to keep your clips as short as possible to save time on this step.

In Splice each clip is edited separately.

Edit each clip and find that one precise moment to keep in the final video.

Step 5 - Add your personal touches

When you tap on EDIT the next screen will  automatically open on the TRIM tool.

Along the bottom of the screen there are 6 icons in a small menu with the following options:

  • SCISSOR - Trim and CUT tools to cut the clips down to size
  • MAGIC WAND - Colour filters to give your video a cool film colour grade
  • GAUGE - Speed up or slow down the timing of a clip
  • BAR & WISHBONE - Add Custom Text to Video
  • LAYER BLOCK - Add Ken Burns effect to animate video movement
  • SPEAKER - Edit Clip audio volume and fade in our out

Step 6 - Export video & Share

Once You have checked that you are happy with all the clip changes and edits it's time to export.

Select the Export Icon in the Top Right Hand Corner.

In this Menu you can share to Social Media Direct, but i always recommend hitting SAVE to have a copy on your device.

And preferably also export at the highest quality.

You can always downscale it later.

(You can't up the quality later though.)

BONUS - How to create a slideshow - Edit Still Images and Photos in Splice

Sometimes a photo slide show is the way to go.

In this short video we demonstrate all the details of how to edit still images and photos to create a slideshow in Splice.

Also important to understand and use Ken Burns Effect.

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