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Splice Video Editing Tutorials For iPhone

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Before we go to lesson 2 we have some bonus material for you.

Manage the clips into albums

Select a group of images and video clips that belong together, and save them to a new album.

Name that album something appropriate, so that you can find it again later.

In a perfect world you would do this straight after you filmed the clips.

It’s almost something that should be part of the filming process.

Even at, we still forget to do this all the time.

I probably only remember to place my clips into an album right away like 1 out 10 times.

But, as long as you do it BEFORE you start editing you are fine.

If for whatever reason you need to see how this is done watch this video here:

Easy right?

It only takes a minute, and it will save you hours later.

Course Structure


Introduction to Splice Video Editor

An introduction to Splice. 

Learn how to import your clips, set up a new project and take a tour of the key features and functions.


Split and Trim your clips in Splice

The Split & Trim process

Cleaning up your video is the first and most important part of the video editing process.

In this video learn how to work through your edit from start to finish, making the most out of the cutting tools Splice has available.


Add text & titles to your video

Text & titles give a video structure

Make sure to use these tools to make your video that much more professional looking.

Titles help people understand what they are about to see. 


Music & Audio editing in Splice

Audio will make or break your video

Whether it is editing the music or the sounds of your clips, finding the right balance will make the difference between a great and a bad video. Splice has all the tools you need to edit the video professionally.


Fade in & Fade out video

Fading video softens the edges of a video

Many people ask us how to do this. Although it may seem straight forward in some apps its not so in Splice at first glance. We will show you an easy workaround that only takes a few seconds.


Video Editing Demo in Splice

Step by step walkthrough

Let Dean show you how to apply everything in this course in a realtime demo. You will see that editing a video can be done in  under 10 minutes. You can do it too!!!