December 10

How to make a video shot-list


The most important part of any video is the story. A good story requires a little preparation. This preparation is called a shot list.

All you need to do is jot down the basic shots you want to get on a shot list and the story will start to manifest itself. You don't have to over think it, just do it.

Here is a Travel Video shot list template you can use:

1 x Introduction Talk to Camera

2 x Walking Shots

2 x Wide Scenic shots

4 x Medium Shots of People doing stuff

8 x Close Ups of Details like signs and faces, hands

1 x Talk to Camera Conclusion

This Lesson is an extract from Module 2 in the Effortless editing Video Course.

This is the channel where we teach you how to make your own vacation travel and tourism videos. If you are a business or just want to capture your memories of your vacation like & subscribe for hints tips and great videos shot on a budget, we will show you how we get the shots and how to edit, follow us as we create great videos of our experiences and adventures in and around Cape Town South Africa.


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