How to Make Money from Vlogging

Vlogging is a gold mine for anyone successful at it. If it weren't so, we wouldn't have toddlers and teens who are already millionaires after a couple of years of YouTube vlogging.

The vlog market is seemingly oversaturated, but don't be fooled by it! There is still plenty of room for new vloggers with fresh ideas. After all, this is one of the few enterprises, which you can do without any studies or investments, and where a million-dollar idea is actually worth a million dollars.

If you are looking to make money from vlogging, check out this short guide on how to monetize your vlog.

WARNING: With Vlogging, remember the more you make, the more you want to spend! Don't fall into the trap.

Vlog Monetization - The Basics

If you are reading this, you either have a vlog that is not delivering any financial satisfaction, or you plan on launching a vlog to make money from it.

Regardless of your situation, you should know that the secret to making money from vlogging is having good content. It sounds good on paper, but it is much more difficult to make it in the real world.

YouTube vlogging is profitable if you generate content that a wide audience enjoys and to which it periodically tunes into new videos. The platform notices your success and rewards you commercially in various ways. From there on, benefitting from YouTube’s blessing, you can promote your content even further to gain more money from various sources.

Bursting with Ideas? Start with one. Do it well.

Easy Ways to Make Money from Vlogging

Let’s make things clear! You will not become a millionaire within your first month of vlogging. You might not even become one in the first two years. Still, the effort that you put in it will eventually reward you financially. Here is how you can monetize your YouTube vlogs:


The first and most approachable monetization tool for vlogs is advertising. YouTube offers you the chance to include ads in your videos. Every time that a viewer clicks on the ad, you receive a small amount of money. It's not much, but, in the long run, it adds up to provide you with a decent passive income.


YouTube also allows you to charge subscribers for the content you publish. Depending on the niche where you activate, you could make your vlogs available only to the viewers who choose to pay for them.

Mind you, this type of vlogging monetization works best when you already have a broad and loyal audience, and preferably when your content is unique and provides relevant high-quality information.

Affiliate marketing

You can try your hand at affiliate marketing, which is another form of passive income. Brands with a minimal connection with your type of content may choose to promote their products in your vlogs. In exchange, they offer discount coupons to the viewers. When one of your subscribers buys something with a discount coupon, you get a percentage of the cost.

Sponsored content

After establishing your vlog as one of the most important ones in your niche, you can reach out to brands for sponsored content. With this strategy, you create special vlogs in which you talk about their products. In return, they pay you a generous sum of money that would have otherwise gone into another marketing campaign.

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