December 10

Add a Call-To-Action to your Videos

In this video we look at How and Why you should be adding a call to action to your videos.

The main reason is you want to make money, right? But you don't want to necessarily work for it? Right? You want to follow your passions and be creative and share goodness with the world and you feel that it’s 2020 dammit, and you should deserve to be successful as you are the best cookie recipe distributor on youtube.

Well you're in luck cause with a CTA you're on your way.

In the past a Call to Action or CTA was something “only people in marketing” use to use. Nowadays a call to action is a much more universally understood thing. Social media has given us the tools to Market ourselves and as such you could say CTAs are still closely related to “only people in marketing”. Only that person is you - trying to be heard and seen. 


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