How to Make a Travel Vlog

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Travel vlogging is more than just sharing your holiday trips with your friends. It is a modern way of capturing other cultures and promoting travel destinations with viewers worldwide. And if you do it right, you can even earn a few bucks that will pay some of your travel expenses.

If you like travelling and face-timing, then travel vlogging should be a hobby and a job for you. This guide will show you how to make a travel vlog in five easy steps.

Choose a Platform for Your Travel Vlog

Most travel vloggers post their vlogs on social media, and you can do the same. Uploads take just a few seconds, and you can also live-stream some of your trips. 

Your first choice of platform should be YouTube. There, you can create a stylish YouTube channel where your viewers can easily jump from one vlog to another.

YouTube is free to use, and if your travel vlog becomes highly popular, you can even earn some money from advertisements.

Invest in Proper Equipment

Travel vlogging is easier and cheaper to make than it seems. Once you start doing it, you will also realise that it is much more fun than you would expect. However, you cannot make a travel vlog without a bit of investment.

Lastly, you should invest in a good camera. Whether you get a DSLR or use your smartphone, the quality of the camera will make all the difference. 

If you use your phone, you might also like to invest in a camera stabiliser. After all, nobody likes watching shaky videos.

Have a Theme for Your Trip

Your travel vlog is as good as the size of your audience. You either have a myriad of viewers, or you go back home.

To build a large and loyal following, you have to have a script for your trips. You can start by setting a location and choosing a theme. 

For example, you hit the road to Mongolia to find out the less-known recipe of a legendary tea that Genghis Khan used to drink.

The reason for your journey can be whatever you want it to be, as soon as you make it catchy and fun.

Keep It Short and Simple

One tip on which all travel vloggers will agree is that you have to make your videos short and simple to follow. If your vlog episodes have one or two hours each, nobody but your mom will watch them. And even she might skip through them.

Keep your vlogs short and succinct. Only film relevant aspects of your trip, and show them in short clips that may range from 7 seconds to 7 minutes long. No one will watch a video of you waiting six hours for your plane to take off. 

Include Locals in Your Vlog

Last but not least, you should always include short clips of the locals you meet during your journeys. People like to travel and meet other cultures. They want to see how other people live on the other side of the world. 

By capturing their lifestyles, customs, and traditions, you do a great favour to those who, for various reasons, cannot venture out into the unknown.


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