October 20

How to make a Travel Video for YouTube


Travel Videos for YouTube

 In today’s video we looking at tips, tricks & advice on how to make a travel Video specifically for Youtube. You might think a video is just a video and any platform will do. But Youtube is a different beast altogether. It is the New-age TV and with that there are a few things to look out for:

1. Travel Video trends - research know the travel video trends - don’t overuse them - current example: zoom transition by Sam Kolder - know how to use them - be original

2. Travel Video Styles - Different travel video styles to choose like Travel Vlog vs Travel Video Music Video - Pick your music ahead of time so as to align a style

3. Travel Video Stories - How does this align with your channel? - Plan your “story focus” to maximise fun and save time

4. YOUTUBE - YouTube likes longer and consistent video uploads - tell stories and break it into mini series


Start to pre-build space for YouTube content features like cards & end screens - Don’t publish till you done everything - Unlisted first then thumbnail, description, cards & End Screens - (Don't forget the Call to Action) 


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