Why buy a Happy Birthday Video Maker package?

4 Simple Steps to creating a birthday video for FREE

Three of the Main Problems with solutions like Animaker & Animoto who offer Online Video Maker & Create a Video for Free.

There are quite a few easy to use Birthday Video Makers available on the internet.
The likes of Animaker and Animoto promise you the easiest drag and drop solutions that claim to help you make the perfect birthday video. 

But are they really doing a good job of this? Or is there a catch? 

Automation video makers do actually offer a quick solution.
They all make you follow a very similar process. Only 4 steps to completing your video: Select, Upload, Edit and Add.
Let’s have a quick look at Animaker for Birthday Videos.

The Animaker Birthday Video Maker – Simple 4-Step Process
  1. Choose a template for your video
  2. Upload your images
  3. Edit text and order
  4. Add effects and change music

Sounds easy enough, right?

Can’t fault them on their process.
They claim you can have your video ready in 15 minutes. Fantastic.

However, when one digs a little deeper the results are not what you expected at all.
Animaker has six birthday templates.

We were really hoping that we could drag and drop our photos and video clips into a selected template and hit the create button.
But what we found was something completely different.

Problem 1 with Birthday Video Makers: Templates

These are nothing like what we expected.
The templates did not have any drop zones for personal video clips and photos.

They were just animation slides with cool little characters and balloons flying around.
Now don’t misunderstand this; if you want to make an animated birthday card for someone, Animaker is your go-to website.
They have all sorts of wonderful animation features.

You can even build animated characters.
However, this is not a birthday video maker.
It’s an Animated Birthday Card Maker at best. 

Not what we thought, but then maybe the confusion lies in the heading, because the actual results look just like the templated animated slides they advertise.

It was right there all long. It wasn't a catch. It was just us hoping for something more.
Something unique and personal.

I’m sure you were hoping for more too, right?
So, do they have the option to upload personal video clips into their template. 

The answer is yes.

Problem 2 with Birthday Video Makers: Uploads

We chose another template that appeared to have a real life image of a birthday baby in it.
Their quick tutorial showed us how to change the image to one of our own.

Kudos to them for making a very comprehensive editing suite and a fantastic tutorial and support system on how to use it.
But that was it. One image field. There was only a slot for a single clip. And the clip ended up looping like gif.
This was an animated birthday postcard template.

Still not a birthday video. 

Technically you could import a whole bunch of your own clips into Animaker and force it to make you a birthday video, but honestly that is harder to do than using a normal video editor like iMovie, Splice or FilmoraGo. We mean that seriously.

The upload process of adding in our own footage was not as easy as we had hoped it would be either.

The footage we filmed was on an iPhone.
It first had to be transferred to a computer, filed, and then pulled through into Animaker via a web browser.
We were hoping for an all-in-one-place solution on our phone. Like an app.
Their solution is online software.
But moving content from one device to another is a tedious task.
Step two has quite a few substeps in between. Not so 1, 2, 3, 4 afterall. 

Problem 3 with Birthday Video Makers: Cost

Oh my goodness, what a shocker to find this out only after you’ve made your video… it comes with a watermark!
Your Free Animaker account gives you five video downloads that all come with a watermark.
There are a whole bunch of other restrictions, like a limit of 10 songs and only two animated characters.
If you want to remove some restrictions and make up to six videos without watermarks you need to pay $19 a month.
This jumps up to $39 a month for 10 videos. What is going on here? 

For $39 dollars a month you could Fedex real and meaningful gifts to loved one’s homes and still have change to spare.
You could use the $234 that amassed over half a year to pay someone to make you a real life personalised birthday video.

Sorry, we are not sorry, Animaker. We are a bit disappointed in your offer.

What is a real Birthday Video Maker?

A real birthday video maker is YOU.
The app you use does not actually matter that much.
The first and most important part of a birthday video is who is in it.
The people that attend a birthday party are what make it special.
Not the slides or the animated balloons you send on a messenger app or post on a Facebook wall.

What you want is the memory. 

A birthday is made up of real moments.
Moments that we all capture with our smartphones anyway.
This clip below is a real birthday video wouldn't you say?

Before you make a video, you must ensure that you have the right shots to tell the story – on video or as a slideshow.
We can help you right away.
Download our Free Birthday Checklist and get all the right shots and video clips to make the most beautiful video you can imagine.

What now? How do you make the video?

If we told you you could learn to make a video like the one you just watched in minutes and only pay a legitimate once-off fee to master that skill, would you consider it?

We want to introduce you to the Effortless Editing Way to Make a Video.

A  REAL Birthday Video Maker that creates videos….

  • That are unique every time. No Templates.
  • Videos that don’t require device hoping. All on your smartphone. 
  • No photo or video uploading required. Safe, secure and easy.
  • Don’t cost you every time you make a video. Skill for life.  
  • Using any app you choose, even free ones. No restrictions. 
  • No learning complicated video school techniques. Beginner friendly.
  • Lifetime access, and free constant updates. Continuous Updates.  
  • We offer lifetime help and support right inside the course. Lifetime Support.
  • Only takes one day to learn the skill. Quick, Easy & Effortless.

Plus you can use any music you like.

We feel so confident about the usability of what we offer that we’ll even guarantee that you can learn to make your videos in under 15 minutes.

Our step-by-step guide will walk you through your first few tries. 

Within no time at all you will be sending and sharing your memories all over the internet, via email or messaging friends and family.

Learn to make a video that you are proud of. 

Do it the easy way and keep doing it forever, for free.

Learn more about the effortless editing techniques 


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