How we made the
Kalk Bay Travel Video.

Coleen van Staden joined us to document the shopping opportunities in Kalk Bay. What a spree... ranging from trinkets, fish & food to furniture, collectibles & art.

So why did we make this video?

The reason for making this video shouldn't be completely obvious. What you might not know is that Coleen van Staden has a business in the area that appeals to the travel market. By creating an area video she sets herself up as an expert of the neigborhood. This in turn affords her the trust of potential travellers to this area.

Whats is an Area Video.

An Area Video is a listing style documentation of a group of related subjects within a specific region, district or neighbourhood. Perhaps its your "top 10 favourite things to do" or "the best places to eat". Area videos are incredibly easy and quick to make. Armed with this easy one Wide, one Medium & one Close up formula anyone can be a potential expert of their own area. 

This is a super powerful tool to get peoples attention. But you will need to add another element and these are opportunistic shots.

How to make an area video.

If you want to know more about wides, mediums, close-ups, opportunistic shots and how to put it all together, check out our super easy to follow basic course. You can make an area video using just your mobile phone with absolutly no previous video experience.


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