Vlogging Styles

Starting a vlog is easy, but finding your voice is different. There are several vlogging styles out there, and the most successful ones are already taken. Coming with an original approach is difficult, but not impossible.

Today, we take a closer look at how to use a vlogging style successfully to turn your unknown vlog into a viral content machine.

What is a Vlog?

First things first, let's refresh our memories on the definition of the vlog. What is a vlog exactly?

A vlog is a piece of video content that tracks a person's life or experience. Most vlog clips have an average time duration of five minutes although longer vlogs are becoming more popular. The word “vlog” is a combination of “video” and “blog.” The latter is the old, written form of a person’s life experience, also known as a blogger.

Bloggers were big from the early 2000s until the late 2010s. People used to turn to them for life advice, movie reviews, travel experience, and more. Some of them became online influencers through articles and other written pieces of content. A few of them are still relevant today. The others have turned to vlogging.

Through vlogging, people aim to connect with an audience by sharing their ideas and experiences. Contrary to other forms of video content, a vlog centres on a specific topic. It has a particular charisma and uses only one style. On a combination of these factors, a vlogger builds an online persona and a target audience.

From there on, the vlogger may use her influence to monetize his or her content, especially if they post it on YouTube, and even make a living out of it.

How Many Vlogging Styles Are There?

Vlogging has been around for several years. During this time, two primary vlogging styles have surfaced, and which most vloggers use to some extent:

  • The “talking-head” vlogging style
  • The “follow me around” vlogging style

If you browse through some of the most popular vlogs on YouTube, you will quickly notice the difference between these two styles of vlogging.

In “talking-head” videos, the vlogger sets the camera on a tripod or other static device. She faces the audience while talking about a specific topic. Some of the most common vlogs of this kind include how-to guides, cooking tutorials, beauty guidance, coaching, and product unboxing.

In “follow me around” videos, the vlogger does not restrict the action to a single setting. She may vlog from different locations and at different times. This kind of vlog is ideal for travel diaries, pranks, comedies, and lifestyle recordings.

There you have it! Now, you know what the leading vlogging styles are and how to use them. If you have a topic that you would like to vlog about, you can easily write a script about it and identify which style matches it best.

In the long run, you may alternate between styles. However, most audiences prefer one style or the other. If you decide to change them, prepare to lose a few followers.


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