We made a documentary film

On the 3rd of March 2018 Dean Paarman, from the Travelvids.tv team, departed for Kenya. He is spending 4 weeks based in the Masai Mara to make a documentary style film about the life & work of german born Photographer Klaus Tiedge. Klaus has lived in Cape Town for over 16 years having made a name for himself in the stock photography world. At a certain point in his career he decided to take a turn to focus on Wild Life Photography. His journey is filled with courages decisions about chasing dreams and overcoming cancer to see Kenya with his Family. Follow our journey as we document the process of telling his story. This first instalment includes the prep in the build up to their departure. 

What it takes to make a film...

It takes a tremendous amount of time, vision, dedication & money to make a film. You know that long list of people at the end of a movie? Well, that long list of credits is highlighting the tireless efforts of hundreds of people.  But the world of video production is changing. Today it is entirely possible to create a great film with average gear, no crew & a tiny budget. The only thing you cant skimp on is the vision & dedication. Travelvids.tv prides itself on teaching people how to tell their story. Sure we teach the technical things of how to film & edit, but knowing how to compile a story is the real prize.
I (Dean) have decided to take on this Kenya project to prove that it can be done as a one man show. I would like to share some insight into the process i've taken to create this story and share the new things I've learnt along the way. Who knows, perhaps you will be making your own film soon too? And just by the way, you wouldn't be the first person to make a movie with a smartphone if you tired.

We hope you enjoyed this little teaser of the pre-prep. We look forward to sharing our final Film later this year. However, the most exciting part is to share the full behind the scenes with insight into the process as well as the highs and lows of pulling off a documentary style film. Join us on this journey and I promise you will learn a thing or two.


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