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The Most Undervalued Shot
People's Reaction

This is your typical tour experience. Well we don't mean seeing Penguins in Africa on the beach, thats pretty incredible! But the experience itself is the usual run down... park, walk to entrance, pay for tickets, go inside and look at what you came to see. When people film their experiences they focus their camera on the subject almost entirely. But what they are missing is actually the more important thing.... themselves!!! Penguins, the Eiffel Tower & the Terracotta Army (or whatever you are visiting) is the obvious part of the video. It's the part the viewer already knows. However they are probably watching your video to see if its worth going and that can only be shown by your emotive reaction.   

"Acting is all about reacting"

The same can be said for movies. If you watch a dialogue scene between two actors you will notice that more than half the time you are watching the person on the receiving end. We understand the talking actors because we can hear them. We want to understand the listening actor and for that we need to see them. The same thing will make or break how engaging, interesting and useful your video will be.

Get the Reaction!

The reaction shot is only part of a bigger sequence we like to call micro stories.

Read more about MICRO STORIES HERE.

Knowing this kind of info makes the creation process a whole lot more fun. It also speeds it up, saving you time on your travels. Your reaction shot is a priceless memory captured in a single moment and should not be left out.  Don't get caught behind your lens while visiting the most extraordinary places on the globe. Get the few shots you need and pack your phone away. 

This lesson is an extract from our Online Course to teach you how to make engaging short vacation videos.

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