The Best Birthday Gift is the Memory

The memory of Childhood is more valuable than any gift you could ever buy

Choosing the right birthday gift is not always easy.

It can't be too silly and can't be too cheesy. 

Every parent wants to give their child the absolute best,

So you look for a present, that will knock out the rest!

You search up high and your search down low, 

Birthday is coming up and still you’ve got nothing to show.

You ask the smiths what they got for Timmy last year?

That was so expensive it brings you a tear.

But in the end you find the ultimate thing,

You know exactly just how much joy it will bring.

Now did capture their little face as they unwrapped it?

Give the phone to Dad, I’m sure he will catch it. 

Don't forget to share the moment that made the effort worthwhile.

The best part of the gift is your child's amazement and smile.

Never forget a moment, you can now see what you missed.

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