Talking Camera Stability
over a glass of wine.

While on a tour to Cape Point Vineyards Dean decided to capture a few clips for the guests to remember their vacation. We are all about using the gear you got on you. Sure you can go out and buy a gimbal camera but lets be realistic. You want to capture stuff on the go in the moment... by the time the Gimbal is set up you have missed the shot. Your mobile phone is by far your best friend in these quick to act situations. And that is exactly why you need to know how to get stable shots with a phone.

Wide legged stance!

It's very simple. Get your legs shoulder width apart. This way you can freely add some movement into the shot. The movement is great to give the video some life, but you also don't want to be flailing around like on a rollercoaster. This stance will give you the option to move left or right while still maintaining a very stable shot. 


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