Photography Vs Videography
Which is easier?

This is quite a tricky debate as there are so many points to pick apart. And the crazy thing is both sides have compelling arguments to support which one is in fact easier. Photos are less time consuming: Video editing is a killer! But an average photo is not as powerful as an average video. Hmm see what I mean....  In this article I want to focus on one aspect, probably the most important aspect, that these two mediums have in common. I'm talking about the ability to tell a story. The reason we capture things in digital form these days is almost always to tell a story and convey a message. So without further ado here is the Photo vs Video debate:

Why video is actually easier

In the video we look at two interesting concepts that highlight why video is easier than photography. The point i want to stay on is the ability to tell a story. With video you can take several shots and link them up back to back to expose a small narrative. You only need a few seconds to show 5 sequence shots.

1. Wide shot of man entering Kitchen    1 sec
2. Close up of Kettle Switch flick              0.5 sec
3. Close up of tea Bag in cup                     0.5 sec
4. Close up of water pouring                     0.5 sec
5. Medium Shot of Man enjoying Tea     2 sec

And Voila! 4.5 Seconds later you have told a story. You can create a little narrative like this in 5 minutes using a regular old smartphone. And with this story you can do a whole bunch of things like send a memory to a family member, update a collogue on a work topic or even advertise your product online. (And believe me you can edit something like this in under 10minutes

The point is it doesn't have to be cinematic film quality to quickly convey a message. Now imagine trying to do this with a photo. And i'm talking about a single photo! If you say you could do a photo of each sequence and look at them back to back... sure that would be a story, but it's not exactly what you call Photography. The essence of a photo is to capture "that one moment" that says it all, and that ladies and gents is NOT easy at all. You most likely will be forced to make one photo of "the man drinking his tea" as that is the only part that captures the moment. BUT WHERE IS THE BACKSTORY? THE ACTION!! THE NARRATIVE!!!  Photos are way harder to tell short stories.

And the winner is: VIDEO

Let us know if you disagree in the comment section below, or if you have any other questions on the subject. Video is really easy if you know what you are doing and it doest take much to learn. Have a look at our blogs for many more exciting topic on the subject video creation.


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