Video Lighting Tricks 

Why did we visit Loaves on Long? (Besides the awesome pancakes)

Loaves on Long is a beautiful little artisan eatery on Long Street in Cape Town. It's the perfect place for meetings if you looking to have coffee and great food to go along with it. We came here to discuss a little tip on how to help you with natural lighting when filming indoors.

Lighting is often the last thing we think about when we capture something on the go. This is a potentially huge mistake. Your shots will be blown out with high contrast and just look ugly (unless you are deliberately shooting a silhouette). Lucky for us the solution is really easy.

“where is the light coming from?”

Just before you hit record, stop, look up from your screen and identify where the biggest source of light is coming from. If the main light source is behind you, you can look back down, hit record and do your thing.

If the light, is somewhere in front of you, move a few steps around to get the light behind you. In an indoor scenario, the main source of light will most times be the windows.

In the beginning you will need to force yourself to remember to do this quick lighting check. In time it will come naturally to you. Read more on easy tricks how to light up a scene at night with DIY LED lighting. We also have an online course to teach you everything step by step.

This Video is an extract from our Online Course. Get the full video and lots more on lighting in the course.


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