The most important lesson
when doing a PAN or TILT

This is part of a lesson from our Online Course. There is a lot more to panning & tilting available to learn.

While joining a tour to the Cape Peninsula I decided to film some course material. The huge panoramic views of the Cape made me realise that without a wide angle lens i was forced to do quite a few pan & tilt shots. Here is a little trick that is really important to remember when doing these types of shots.

What is a Pan & Tilt?

A PAN is when you pivot the camera on its own horizontal axis. Simply put: it's when you film from left to right or right to left. Its a form of filming to get a view in that doest fit in a static shot. A panorama if you will. A TILT is the same thing in the vertical motion. Up Down or down up.   

The important trick we want to tell you about is that you need to pick your start and end points. Don't just flail the camera around from one side of the horizon to the other. Find a start and end  point and try keep the duration between the point within a count of four. If you filming longer than this you are probably filming too much. Leave something for your viewers imagination.

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