How to Make Sure Your 

YouTube Vlog Gets Found

Knowing how to get your vlog found on YouTube is essential to your vlogging success. Sometimes, publishing good-quality content may not be enough to attract more views and subscribers. So, increasing your channel’s visibility is crucial.

We have researched some of the most easily found vlogs on YouTube and come up with a list of tips that you can use to make your vlog channel stand out.

How Does the YouTube Algorithm Work?

The chances of your videos appearing at the top of the results and suggestion lists on YouTube always depend on the platform's algorithm.

The YouTube algorithm is a fast-learning machine that instantly calculates a broad range of factors to determine the overall quality of a video, and therefore, its relevance.

 The algorithm makes its calculations in real-time with only two goals in mind:

  • To find the most relevant video for each viewer

  • To get that viewer to keep watching

When it does find the “right” video, it studies the viewer’s behaviour.  If the user watches the integral video, likes it, or shares it, the algorithm decides that the video is high-quality and relevant. Otherwise, it demotes it into a never-ending pile of similar videos.

 The YouTube algorithm influences search results based on factors like:

  • The video’s metadata (SEO, keywords, title, description)

  • The video's number of likes, comments, and total watch time

Depending on these values, it ranks a video by assigning it a score based on performance analytics data. Next, it matches videos to people based on their watch history and what similar people have watched.

Now, the goal is matching viewers with high-quality, relevant videos, and keeping them going from one clip to another, thus increasing the time that they spend on the platform. The result is that viewers see more ads, and in the end, the process is much more profitable for everyone involved.

How to Improve the Visibility of Your Vlog on YouTube

The best way to make your vlog easily found on YouTube is to improve your metadata details, to attract more likes, comments, and to make users view your videos until the end.

You can influence the number of likes, comments, and the length of the watch time by publishing only high-quality vlogs. This rule of thumb works every time, regardless of the niche in which you activate.

Secondly, you can improve the metadata of your vlog by using these simple tips:

  1. Optimize your video description text

Make sure that the title and description of your vlog contain the most popular keywords for that specific topic. This part of SEO for YouTube vlogs should always be up to date to attract more views.

  1. Publish often

Another way to improve your vlog’s visibility is to publish high-quality content at a fast rate. This way, loyal subscribers will tune in to your channel more often, thus increasing its relevance.

  1. Engage with your audience

The concept of “comments attract comments” works best for YouTube vlogs. Make sure that after every new vlog you publish, the engagement rate remains high. Respond to user comments, and they might comment back or even subscribe to your channel. This kind of back-and-forth communication enhances the credibility of your activity on YouTube and makes your vlogs easier to find.

Speaking of comments, please leave your questions in the comment section below. We will go into some practical applications like how to use Vid IQ on Youtube to improve your chances of being found. 


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