How to Generate Ideas 

for Your YouTube Vlog

Whether you are trying to come up with an idea for your first or your 100th vlog, you most likely struggle with writer's block. You know that a poor-quality YouTube vlog can make you lose subscribers, affect your affiliate marketing or attract bad publicity. Still, you have to come up with a fantastic idea, and the time is running out.

The best thing to do right now is to search for inspiration elsewhere. Don't be so hard on yourself! Every YouTube vlogger out there faces a creativity crisis at one point in hid or her career. 

So, before you lose your patience, check out this short guide on how to generate ideas for your YouTube vlog!

Before you know it, you'll back at it.

Check Out the Competition

They say that the grass always looks greener on the other side. And, if the grass on your vlog is turning brown, sneaking a peek over the fence and into your competitor’s front yard is not a bad idea to look for inspiration.

If you have been busy with your vlog in the past few months, you may have missed some of the latest content innovations in your niche. Nowadays, everything evolves at lightning speed, and keeping with the times is getting harder and harder.

If you cannot generate any new vlog ideas for your YouTube channel right now, try finding them at your competition.

What is Sam Kolder up too??? (He is really really good)

Look Back at Your Old Vlogs

In the process of making a vlog, you may come up with other ideas for future vlogs, which you may also forget on the spot.

If you want a bit of inspiration, try reviewing your old vlogs. This method applies, of course, to those vloggers with at least one vlog under their belt.

Your previous YouTube vlogs will show you beginner mistakes, or maybe they will bring back some memories inspiring you to create new content.

Remember, sometimes the best source of inspiration may be right under your nose!

With over 200 vlog videos on our channel there is no short supply of ideas!

Make a Compilation of Your Previous YouTube Vlogs

After looking through all your old vlogs on YouTube, why not make a new compilation vlog of all of them?

With a bit of editing and some voice-over, you can create an exciting piece of content. In it, you can talk about your previous mistakes or where you got your inspiration from other times. You can show the best of your videos or the worst of them. 

Another good idea is to show bloopers from the shooting sessions or a how-to tutorial on vlogging, which can help out new vloggers in your audience, get a head start in this business.

Vlog About Your Inability to Generate New Ideas

Lastly, if you tried desperately to come up with new YouTube vlogging ideas with no luck, you should do a vlog about it.

That’s right! Make a video where you tell your subscribers that your inspiration well is drier than the Sahara desert. To make things even more interesting, ask your followers to send you their ideas, and in return reward them with discount coupons from your affiliate marketing partners.

Depending on the creative minds of your audience, you could generate enough YouTube vlog ideas for a whole year.

Got some cool ideas to share with the community? Or got any questions, share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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