Editing Tips for Vlogging

Vlogging on YouTube is fun, but it could be quite overwhelming when it comes to editing your clips. Writing the script is easy. Filming it is exciting. Putting it together into a catchy video can be tedious and time-consuming if you don’t know how to do it.

Fortunately for you, we have come up with the best editing tips for vlogging that could make it your favourite part of having a vlog on YouTube.

Plan the Script Shot by Shot

Whether you are shooting a travel blog or a simple, monologue-style clip, you want it to be coherent, easy to understand, and succinct. The best way to achieve it is to prepare every part of the script before you start shooting.

Take some time to think about how the three parts of your video (beginning, middle, and end) will look and what messages you want to convey. You will have an easier time editing your vlog if you plan it thoroughly before the shoot.

Cut, cut, cut, and cut some more!

Nowadays, with the staggering amount of video content available online, you will have to get to the point quickly.

Modern viewers do not enjoy wasting too much time before they get the information you are promising to deliver.

So, when you start shooting, do not be afraid to cut out the redundant material. Keep it short and simple to deliver your story quickly and efficiently. If your vlog drags on, the viewers will give up on watching it.

Stick to One Transition Style

If your vlog passes through several scenes or environments, do not use multiple transition styles. Whether you choose fade-to-black or cross-fades, stick to one throughout the video. Too many transitions cheapen the quality of a vlog.

Do Not Forget about Audio

Editing a vlog is so much fun that most of your focus could be on the visual side of it. This way, you may forget about audio, which is an important element of a top-of-the-line blog.

Your vlog content may be stellar. However, if the audio is faulty and there are sound interferences and background noises, the viewers will rate it as a low-quality video.

To ensure that your vlogs will benefit from crisp and clear audio, invest in a good-quality mic. Also, make sure that, when you edit the video, you do not leave too many pauses between sounds, whether they are your voice or a soundtrack. Awkward pauses may lead to viewers closing your video and hitting the “dislike” button under it.

Maintain the Same Frame rate

Lastly, you should always ensure that the frame rate you used to record the video is the same that you use during editing. Otherwise, you will destroy the quality of your vlog and may not be able to reverse it.

Check your frame rate before you start shooting, and repeat the action ahead of sitting at the editing table. For example, if you record in 30fps, you will need to edit and export the clip in the same 30fps frame rate.


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