Creating a 30th Birthday video
with any Smartphone

We take pictures to preserve and share our memories, why not video?

These days you don’t need a fancy camera to capture those moments, as some smartphones have more capabilities than an average priced camera.

The great thing about using an iPhone to make videos is that you don’t have to carry any extra equipment with you, so getting the shot of a moment and capturing memories is as easy as point and shoot.

Heading out to a 30th birthday party and trying to capture moments through pictures doesn’t really the day and what happened and the people’s emotions.

Check out this 30th birthday video that was all shot on an iPhone 6 with an ND lense attachment.

The ND lense just reduces the amount of light that gets into the camera lense as the birthday party was shot in the Middle of the day in Cape Town when the sun is blaring and without an ND lense everything can look washed out.

OK so there are few drone shots in the birthday video, it just helps to establish the location but definitely not necessary to capture the memories of the day, its a nice to have.

A lot of work went into preparing for the day so its nice to show that, but most importantly the video is engaging from the get go, if we had started of with pictures of the setup or the food prep, your audience will switch off after 5 seconds. We start with a catchy beat which shoots through a whole bunch of people and the day in less than 10 seconds, that establishes what you are going to see in the rest of the video, keeping your audience engaged.

You may of noticed there is no talking, because its not really required, its a memory video of a 30th birthday, something you will go back to and share that moment, what was said isnt so relevant.
and the only creative shot was the time lapse at the end of people setting up for a group photo, its entertaining to watch all the time it took to get everyone in the shot, something you don’t ever think about when you see a group photo.


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