Making Cape Town Travel Videos for
Influencers, Travellers & Bloggers spent more than 2 years focusing on creating Cape Town based Travel Video Content. Covering tours, activities, accommodations & restaurants from in and around the mother city.

Added to this Dean Paarman spent many years working as a tour guide. The combination of video and tour skills has placed us in the perfect position to invite influencers, travellers and bloggers to come explore Cape Town.  

Mischa Janiec in Cape Town

Mischa Janiec got hold of Dean via instagram based on the Travelvids Youtube Content with Cameron Fous. We first met up with Mischa at a coffee shop to conduct an interview on what its like being a vegan body builder come travel vlogger. 

The second part was a day outing to shoot with a group of like minded travellers from all over the world. Travelvids arranged scenic locations in the Cape Winelands - See the Behind the scenes for details. 

Then last but not least Mischa asked us to create him a cinematic travel video of Cape Town. Dean Spent a day with them in the city and table mountain. Combined with stock footage from the travelvids library we came up with this little number for Mischa Janiec. Please Enjoy.

Connect with us to experience Cape Town in all its glory. From the colourful houses of BoKaap to the white sandy beaches and penguins of the peninsula. Mix in some city life, trending restaurants and Table Mountain and you're set for one epic adventure.

Regardless of what you want to achieve, Youtube content, Facebook Content, Instagram Content or Blog Content we can guide you not only to the right places but also help with the story, and the footage. Let us film with or for you.

We can take over the editing process too. Suited to your preferred style and music preference we will create the best Cape Town Travel Video for your channel.


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