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Behind the scenes:
What's on Long Street

Dean put on his tour guide hat for a day and visited Long Street in Cape Town. His journey takes him from the bottom to the top and down again. There are close to 60 shops and people in this video, but you only see Dean 3 or 4 times. He used a simple trick we like to call "The informal interview".

The Informal Interview

Not everyone likes being on camera, but luckily there is another way of getting information across to the viewer. This is something we call an informal interview. Just ask people simple questions. Obviously you may want to give your interviewee a pre-warning that you are filming (and ask permission). I put emphasis on the word simple because you don't want long open ended answers. Also try and get them to answer with the question repeated in the answer. 

Q: Where are we?      A: Here.          Wrong. 
Q: Where are we?      A: We are here.      Correct

This way you can cut your voice asking the question out of the final video.

This lesson is an extract taken from our online course. It is part of the chapter called: the engagement factor. See the link below to learn more about the TTC, shot-list building and much much more.