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Is this the right video course for you?

Lesson 1 Chapter 1 Module 1

From Travel Videos to Birthday Videos

Let me level with you. When we first built this course we only had Travel Videos in mind. When we took a closer look at what it means to capture a travel video, we soon came to realise that it is actually...

... all about the memory.

Memories are what we hold on to long after an experience is done and dusted. Our entire lives are built around the idea of having the best memories. 

Ah, that was a great time in my life.

Memories are the reason

  • we want to travel and experience foreign clutures and places. 
  • we  have social gatherings and have a party to celebrate our birthdays. 
  • we pull out our phones at every opportunity, to take photos and film video clips.

Making this course made us think about other situations & occasions that you might want to capture and share with our friends and family.

So we expanded the course.

How do you capture a memory?

More specifically, how do you capture a memory without it getting in the way of your experience?

Nowadays, too many people are glaring at their phones too often.

Tourists will get their phone out and point it at every single sight they visit. They spend more time living through a lens than appreciating being at the location.

At a concert you will see thousands of mobile phones being held up to record a terrible shot from their viewpoint. The singer is just a little speck and the sound quality is distroted. Buying the DVD of the concert would be a much better option, but the DVD is missing a fundimental part. 

You see, the quality of the clip you film doesn't matter, because it represents something more important: You were there! 

I was here!

This is important to us.

Taking photos and filming clips at every turn has become a lifestyle. We don't want to miss a moment. Especially not the important ones. So we tend to capture everything,  just incase.

The likes of Instagram have us believing it's good to capture every meal. Most times, we capture more than we need. 

For many people it has become a bad habit, but in this course we are going to turn it into something positive.

You just need to know what to capture. Feel content in knowing you got what you need for the digital memory bank and resume your ejoyment of living in the moment.

Use this course to make a videos of:

  • a vacation
  • a family outing
  • a birthday party
  • a dinner party
  • any occasion or memorable event

And still live in the moment. 

Capture Your Experience.

We are going to teach you some basic skills to help you identify what to shoot. Learn how to capture your experiences so that you can recall them with beautiful videos for the rest of your life.

Let's get started.