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Effortless Editing Video

4 Modules 13 Chapters 53 Lessons Easy

About this course

This course is for anyone who wants to learn how to create awesome videos with a smartphone. 

This simple and easy-to-follow course will take you through the process of quickly planning, filming and editing a video. Although we may focus on using Smartphones you can apply this course to any camera.

The modules are filmed in epic locations in Cape Town with hands-on demonstrations to give you practical examples of what types of shots to get and when to use them in your videos.

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Course Structure

7 Chapters

Let's learn how to film

Are you ready to make videos using your mobile phone?

It doesn't matter if you are using an iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Sony or whatever is next, this course will teach you the principals of how to quickly and easily make short engaging videos

Introduction to this course 4 Lessons

Is this the right video course for you?

In this course you are going to learn how to film so that the editing becomes easy.


Choosing the right device to make a video

New updates happen all the time. We will keep the videos up to date.


What gear do you need?

A look at the additional gear and accessories you can purchase to compliment your phone as a video production tool.


Course Overview

Download the supporting documents.


Film short clips 4 Lessons

Film Short Clips

The lessons in the Short Clips section are the most essential part of this course. Let's look at what we mean by "short clips" exactly....

Filming to the rhythm of the edit

There are 3 Golden Rules in this course. This is one of them.

Finding the moment

THE MOMENT is all you need.

Short Clips PDF

Download the summary for the short clips chapter.


Talking about shots 8 Lessons

Intro to shots

The building blocks of a video.

Basic shots

The 3 basic types of shots you will need. 

More on basic shots

Let's extend on this concept.

Micro stories

We are very proud to present you with this little "home-made" secret recipe. This alone has the power to tell stories without words. We refer to this concept as "Micro Stories" another Travelvids original teaching concept. 

More on micro stories

More on this subject of linking shots.

The Shot Ratio

The Second Golden Rule in this course.

Creative shots

Timelapse & Slowmotion 

PDF summary on Shots

Download summary document on shots.


Stability 2 Lessons

3 Chapters

Let's look at what to film

A very big part of making a video, that most people neglect is deciding what to film. Essentially a video is a story telling method. Do you know what your story is? Let us help you understand how to figure out what your story is.

3 Chapters

SmartPhone Video Editing

Looking a the most simple process and applying it to a series of different apps. Edit quick and fast

The concept first 6 Lessons

Plan & organise

Learn to do this right away. What is a 2minute job now will become a task so large and unbearable you will never want to edit the video.

Now find your App 4 Lessons

Bonus Lessons and Questions 1 Lesson