Using the Rule of Thirds

at the local fish & chips.

Rule of Thirds & Fish

Hout Bay Harbour has one of the best Fish and chips shops in all of Cape Town. We headed down for a quick bite to eat and tell you a little about Rule of thirds.

What is the Rule of Thirds?

The Rule of thirds is a common composition law often used in Photography. It simply means that you should split your screen up into 3 equal parts and place your subject matter on one of the third lines.The purpose of this is to enhance how pleasing something is to look at. When we view a picture or a painting our attention is usually drawn straight to the subject first before wandering off to the rest of the image. This “flow of vision” helps us identify what we are watching. It also allows for breathing room. In other words the image does not feel to cramped.

SIDE NOTE. Although this may seem obvious, I have seen many people get it wrong. If the subject has a natural forward facing direction like a canon or a person, make sure that they are always facing towards the centre of the screen.


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