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Coleen van Staden

Cape Town Tourism

2 years ago

I did the Travelvids Video intro course and really enjoyed the experience. 
Not having an I-phone worried me a bit and being of an older generation also concerned me but the two presenters did not presume any prior knowledge so started from scratch and gave us some really great tips - how to set up shot lists, how to shoot to limit editing and some good "go-to" sites to assist with editing and music. 
I can highly recommend this course for a great intro to creating fun and informative travel videos with your phone.

Truly exemplary course. Really appreciated the focus on creating travel videos. It's helpful to have a specific application or real-world example. I found I could easily carry over the lessons from a travel focus and see how I could apply them in other story types. The highlight lesson was the one which included templates, consisting of shots and scenes, for 3 different kind of travel situations. The other highlight was Dean's demonstration of editing a video in 10 minutes. Finally, he encouraged us to finish our video/s before the end of the day, otherwise we might never get around to it. So true!

Esther Beaton

Travel Student

a year ago

Matt Lerman


3 years ago

teachers are great happy focused yet not forceful.
much better that I thought.

I very much appreciate and pleasantly surprised . I'm you guys are disclosing phenomenal beginner intermediate tips !! from what I already saw in short few mins of coarse I learned I'm actually on the right track and feeling more and more confident i will be able to actually tell my story with my personal imprint . cant wait to see what else you guys have in-store for us I, if its this good already!!!! muy bien , gracias mis amigos

Thank you for making content that is easy to understand, entertaining, and very helpful. I look forward to using everything I learned.

Ryan A Cooper


3 months ago