“Make us a video” production rates - Video Step by Step Guides

Video Production Rates
Cape Town 2019  

Until June/July 2019 we will be based in Cape Town. 

We understand that not everyone is interested in making their own videos. Maybe you just don't have the time. We've had quite a few requests to come shoot video for people in our Info-Vlog style.
Here is a rate card for the rest of 2019 in Cape Town.

 Instagram Series

We did a series of short videos for The Cloud 9 Boutique hotel in Cape Town.
Half day filming, one day editing, one drone flight & free music.  (includes up to 6 videos)
Total Price - R 22 000 

Travelvids Production Rates






R 5000

full day

Filming original content. Includes videographer, camera & sound gear.


R 5000

full day

Editing, including title design & free music. One free set of changes after demo.


R 8000

15min flight

Usually one flight on our DJI Mavic is enough to get those extra cool shots.


from R 1500

annual license

For better and more original music tap into our music libraries. 


from R 5000

full day

Want to feature a different person? Have a look at the Travelvids Personalities.

Stock Footage

from R 500

Once Off

You can halve or even skip the filming fee by using our Stock Footage. 

Send us an email with your brief and we will send you a quote.

Experience Video

This info vlog style video shows the exact experience that Imagine travel offers. Presented, filmed and edited by Dean. One day filming, one day editing & free music. Comes with an additional "short cut" edit.
Total Price - R 11 000