Beginner's Guide to Video Editing Steps by Step Guide on your iPhone.

The Easiest Video Editing App for iPhone

You found this page because you searched for Best Video Editing App for iPhone on Google.
We listed over 23 different editing apps in another blog post HERE, you will find 105 different Video Editing Apps in Apple's instore and that's crazy to find the one that suits you.

We actually thing your question isn't "what is the Best Video Editing App for iPhone" we think the question is probably what is the easiest video editor available for iPhone, or which video editing app on the iPhone is free, but the problem is free also can mean its rubbish or has a great big watermark in the middle of the video, which you can get rid of without paying for the pro version.

And after all that research and installing the editing app on your iPhone, you spend the next few days searching google and YouTube on how to use the video editor you installed on your phone.

Instead of going through tonnes of reviews we are going to show you how to edit a basic video in this step by step guide right here.

Through the training we do we find 2 types of video requirements, 1 is where someone wants to use the editor to take a bunch of pictures from your iPhone photos and add music and make a video with pictures and music, this is actually a slideshow rather than a video.

This is really simple to do without even installing a app.

here are the steps on how to edit a video and add music with an app, but if you want more control and you have actually shot video rather than wanting to create a montage of pictures with music, then use the editing app that came preinstalled on your iPhone for free, and that is iMovie.

Use iMovie to get started, we are not saying its the best video editing app for your iPhone, but we are saying its free and its the best place to get started.

iMovie can seem a little confusing when you first open it, so we show you how to set it up and create a video in less than 10 minutes.